Thayer’s latest beheading in the United States-Alexis Saborit was arrested after “beheading and dumping “blood corpses” in Minnesota

‘Danger and control’

Alexis Saborit is “Danger and control“Her friends claimed that Thayer would not be allowed to use the bathroom alone before being beheaded.

Thayer, 55, was brutally dragged out of her car and beheaded before her body was left on the sidewalk in Shakopee. Minneapolis.

Thayer’s friends and colleagues recounted how Saborit’s controlling behavior caused panic-they suspected that she was a victim of domestic abuse.

Reba Skaar has worked with Thayer for three years at a Dollar Tree store in the area, he told the media Star Tribune Saborit once did not allow her to use the bathroom alone when visiting her apartment, and it was “dangerous”.

Skaar also claimed that Thayer sometimes spends the night at her MyPillow work desk or in the car in the Amazon fulfillment center parking lot.

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