Royal News-The Queen suffered alone and desperately comforted Philip after her death

Megan “rightly feels that she is at the pinnacle of power”

Tom Bauer told The Sun: “Unlike many women who are afraid of falling off the edge of a cliff at the age of 40, Megan, as one of the world’s superstars, stands in the global spotlight and firmly believes that her destiny will lead to greater fame and wealth. leap.

“In just 18 months of neglecting the Queen and giving up Britain, Meghan and Prince Harry enjoyed an enviable lifestyle in their £11 million palace with 9 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms.

“Funded by a multi-million dollar contract with Netflix, Spotify, and a four-book publishing agreement, she sits by a huge swimming pool in a 5-acre, manicured garden, soaking in the sun. Planning how to realize her amazing ambitions.

“The 40-year-old Meghan correctly believes that she is at the pinnacle of power, the leader of her own narrative, and the fate of Prince Harry.

“At her landmark age, the Duchess of Sussex can congratulate herself for overcoming all difficulties.”

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