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Meet Netflix’s juvenile drug lord, he made £3.8 million from his childhood bedroom

Maximilian Schmidt has a shaved baby face and is unlikely to be a drug dealer

But by the age of 19, the German teenager ran a drug empire worth 3.8 million pounds in his childhood bedroom.


Maximilian Schmidt sells drugs on the dark web
The police found multiple bags of drugs in Schmidt's bedroom


The police found multiple bags of drugs in Schmidt’s bedroomImage source: THERESA locker/main board-German police

Schmidt sold hundreds of kilograms of cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana through his website Shiny Flakes-using the national postal service to ship them.

In the new Netflix documentary Shining flakes: juvenile drug lord, He first talked about Amazonian business This led to his arrest in 2015.

Now serving seven years in prison, Schmidt is suspected of concealing millions of dollars from the police in a secret Bitcoin wallet.

In the trailer for this documentary, he explained his simple business model for making millions-and inspired the Netflix hit “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”.

“You pay in advance, and then it is processed and shipped,” he said. “What you get is not shoes, but drugs.”

Dark web sales 914 kg

When most teenagers hide in the room to play FIFA or call-of-duty, Max Schmidt established a lucrative drug delivery service in the Leipzig home he shared with his mother.

This entrepreneurial young man-described as “emotionally immature” and “unpopular at school”-before starting his business on the dark web in December 2013, he quit a chef’s During his apprenticeship, he used an innocent-sounding name Shiny Flakes.

Over the next 14 months, he shipped 914 kilograms of ecstasy, marijuana, psychedelics, methamphetamine and cocaine through the local post office.

The punter pays in Bitcoin, and he disguises his income as income from the web design business.

Schmidt admitted that at first he was afraid that his criminal activities would put him in trouble.

“In the beginning, I was scared and thought,’Like in the movie? You do it, and then the police come?'” he said.

The slip and the police came to the door

Due to a series of mistakes, Schmidt finally attracted the attention of the police.

In 2014, he was very conceited and accepted an interview with the popular online magazine “Vice”, which confirmed that he lives in Germany.

He boasted that his online store sold “exclusively selected pills,” but stated that he used statistical analysis of “customers and buying habits” to maximize sales.

Soon after, he posted the wrong postage on a package, and when it returned to the post office, it was opened and drugs were found inside.

When the same thing happened multiple times, the police began to monitor the post office to see if it was the same sender.

He has always used the same post office and took the taxi he ordered on his mobile phone, which he only used for this purpose.

In some of his transactions, he also did not use software that hides his identity.

After observing for a period of time, the police placed an order through the Shiny Flakes website and intercepted 40 kilograms of Class A drugs.

They also witnessed Max handing drugs to a courier in a parking lot, and then stormed into his home to arrest him in February 2015.

A dozen mobile phones and more than two dozen SIM cards were found in his room. All kinds of drugs are neatly stacked on the shelves in the room.

‘Grumpy, stubborn and lazy’

At the age of 20, Schmidt admitted to mass drug trafficking in September 2015, but the German court decided to try him as a minor.

During the trial, his mother described him as “not discerning, grumpy, stubborn, and lazy.” According to reports, he has been taking drugs for 10 years and has received treatment for an unknown disease, presumably related to autism.

For this reason, experts say that he “does not understand” the “emotional impact of his actions” and lacks an “emotional compass”.

They added that he did not interact well socially and “delayed emotional development.”

Schmidt was sentenced to seven years in prison.

“These computer things may make a lot of things easier, but it [online sale] It’s as bad as trading on the street,” Judge Norbert Göbel said.

Incredibly, although the police were able to confiscate some of his ill-gotten wealth, some suspect that he might still hide millions of dollars in two unopened Bitcoin wallets.

Schmidt’s lawyer, Stefan Constable, claimed that the wallet was empty, but Judge Gobert did not believe it. He said: “There must be something in the wallet that cannot be cracked.”

As it will be released next year, Schmidt may still have some secrets.

Shiny Flakes: The Teenage Drug Years will be broadcast on Netflix starting on Tuesday, August 3

Relaxing on the boat, Schmidt said the police did not find his money


Relaxing on the boat, Schmidt said the police did not find his money
Teenage drug dealers talking to Netflix in prison


Teenage drug dealers talking to Netflix in prison
Maximilian Mundt and Lena Klenke in


Maximilian Mundt and Lena Klenke in “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”Credit: Splash

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