London Underground strike August 2021: TfL drivers will not leave tomorrow due to the cancellation of the strike

Millions of commuters have been told not to travel after 1 o’clock tomorrow afternoon because the subway will paralyze London

Final negotiations are underway to avoid a series of Planned strike go through London Underground driver.

London Transport All passengers have been advised to leave the subway after 1pm on Tuesday, if the negotiation fails.

TfL stated that the strike may affect the entire network and may start earlier than planned.

Starting tomorrow, members of the railway, maritime and transportation unions will hold multiple 24-hour strikes to target the ranks of night subway drivers.

RMT General Secretary Mike Lynch said: “We believe there is an agreement that needs to be completed to recognize the work-life balance and job security of our members. We are entering into the reconvened meeting this morning with a positive attitude. We believe in LU management. The layer will also provide a constructive solution to this dispute.

“The executive officer of RMT is already on standby for any progress in the talks later today.”

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