Love Island 2021 first look


In an exclusive chat with the Sun on Sunday, Lillie slams the big guy Make her think she won his heart-and say he “robbed” Millie and her.

Talking about the love triangle for the first time, Lily admits Walking into the villa, seeing Liam snuggling next to his unsuspecting partner, she saw red.

Lily said last night: “When I found out that Liam didn’t choose me, I felt misled. He kept giving me what I wanted to hear, and I was sure he was that person.

“He made me think I might go back to the villa with him. He did it very personally-we were like a couple.

“So I absolutely thought I would be selected. When he chose to go back alone, I was shocked.

“Then, when I walked into the villa with other girls, I didn’t like how Liam put Millie’s necklace and his arm around her after he was with me.

“If I stood there to make her happy and cute, thinking when she was robbed:’Oh, he’s back’, I wouldn’t be fine.

“So I talk to another girl as a girl—I’m not staying in the villa and talking about my work, so I want to say something to make Millie ask a question mark in her mind.

“Because he will have to say something about what happened between us. And I don’t know if this will become the whole truth.

“I didn’t do this to cause drama or stinginess, but I wanted her to know that she was a little wary of him. I had nothing to lose and nothing to gain at that time.”

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