“It’s nice to see everyone’s face again:” NB is no longer subject to mandatory orders, although experts have expressed concerns

Fredericton – Fredericton’s most popular Boyce Farmers’ Market became a busy place a few hours after the mandatory order was cancelled in New Brunswick on Saturday morning, followed by Here are all the COVID-19 restrictions in the province.

Capacity restrictions no longer apply, and mandatory masks no longer apply. Many people are embracing it.

“This is where we are happy. We usually come all the time, and for a long time, it’s just a strange, uncomfortable atmosphere,” Taylor Wood said.

“It’s amazing to see everyone coming out, to see the crowds, to see people hugging and smiling, and to really enjoy the day. It’s amazing to come back and feel normal.”

The end of the mandatory order also means that anyone can visit the province, including Canadians who have not been vaccinated. Border inspections at the Quebec-New Brunswick border are no longer the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Security.

People can also choose to wear a mask.

Brian McDonald decided to continue wearing one during his market visit, “just to be cautious.”

He said: “My openness to New Brunswick is as complicated as the Delta variant.” “I hope not wearing a mask is not a disaster.”

Experts also expressed concern about this decision, warning that it would lead to an increase in cases.

“It does seem to be a bit faster,” said Dr. Lisa Barrett, an infectious disease expert in Halifax.

“It’s a bit like an experiment, not as big as Alberta, but it doesn’t need to happen as quickly as it is now. Do I expect a large number of hospitalizations to occur suddenly? No, but will some people get sick, maybe very sick , They don’t need it? In the next few weeks, it’s almost certain. I’m not sure if it’s okay now.”

But Governor Blaine Higgs said he is confident and satisfied with the decision, even though the province has not yet reached its 75% vaccination target.

Higgs also said that his government has made vaccines very easy to obtain, with mobile clinics and after-get off work clinics throughout the province.

“Some people have no real reason not to get vaccinated, but choose not to get vaccinated. Yes, they are in danger,” he said.

“They will continue to be in danger, so in this sense, their fate is in their hands, because the opportunity is there. I can’t do anything. We don’t have a mandatory vaccination policy, and I don’t think it will appear anytime soon. .”

Higgs said he will decide for himself whether to wear a mask.

The end of the mandatory order also effectively stopped the demand for the Party-wide COVID-19 Cabinet Committee.

Since March last year, the organization has seen four political parties in New Brunswick sitting at the same table making decisions related to the pandemic.

Higgs said that in the future, meetings can be arranged if necessary, but no further meetings are currently planned.

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