Conor Murray knows how bad it is that the police Rassie Erasmus will open fire on South Africa to get them out of jail

CONOR MURRAY knew how bad it would be for the police Rasie Erasmus to open fire on South Africa in order to get out of prison.

Lions scrimmage Murray played under Springboks football director Erasmus and head coach Jacques Ninabel 2016-17 in Münster.


Conor Murray plays for Rassie Erasmus at MunsterCredit: Sportsfile-Subscription

Therefore, he has an inside look at how they work and how they will save the series in Saturday’s second Test.

32-year-old Murray said: “Are they good policemen or bad policemen.

“Rassie is very strong. There must be time and place to show that kind of strength in Munster, and then Jacques is a good policeman.

“They work together like that, which is why they are such a great team.

“If Rassie went to find anyone in the Munster locker room, Jacques might quietly say a word to them, telling them what Rassie really means, and it comes from a good place.

“They think about the rugby game very deeply, so they will work together to make a plan.

“Rassie will try to cheer up his team and inspire them emotionally.

“He can sometimes surprise you, so we must be prepared for anything.

“Obviously, South African rugby is proud of its physical fitness. I think we have done a good job in this area and can withstand a lot of pressure.

“Sometimes they are a bit dissatisfied with us, but in general, we are doing a good job in material terms.

“Then they will be harmed by it? Will he try to speed them up for that battle again? Maybe.

“Lassi is a tough player and he wants his players to be tough.

“We know exactly what will happen in the tunnel on Saturday, and we must welcome it.”

In addition to preparing to scrap the entire team, Irish ace Murray knows that he will have to go head-to-head with No. 9 Faf de Klerk.

The 5 foot 7 inch Sale Sharks star hits far more than his weight.

When Erasmus ignited them off the court, De Klerk poured gasoline on them before igniting them.

Murray added: “You always want to win individual battles. He has been very important to them in the past few years.

“He is an excellent player in the World Cup. He is definitely a threat, especially with his left foot.”

“He seems to use it often and had some success last week.

“Sometimes we handled it well, we covered his backcourt.

“He is at the core of everything they try to do, the way he runs the game, the energy he tries to create.

“He is not afraid of getting into trouble. They will be even more excited.”

Faf de Klerk is a dangerous man in South Africa


Faf de Klerk is a dangerous man in South AfricaCredit: Getty Images-Getty

After being eliminated in the first test, will Murray start Saturday’s clash? ? This is the 95th test of his career.

He said: “It’s like a roller coaster. With Covid and other things, my journey on this trip is very interesting.

“I talked to someone last week and was not selected.

“It’s really interesting? It’s bigger than you, bigger than any player who is upset about it.

“Yes, you have 24 or 48 hours to be depressed.

“After a while, you will wake up, enter the game and try to contribute to what we want. This is a series victory.

“After the game on Saturday, I was very happy, as if I had already started.

“It’s satisfying to play and do well, but it is the team’s goal to beat them in their backyard.”

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