Should the Hawks be interested in Dolphins CB Xavien Howard?

Should the Hawks be interested in Dolphins CB Xavien Howard?


The Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard is great. In 2020, he became a full-professional first-team player after leading the NFL in interceptions (10 times) and pass breakthroughs (20 times). When the quarterback aimed at Howard last season, their combined passing score was 48.3.

In the past three seasons, Howard has been intercepted 18 times in 33 games. In other words, during that time, he averaged 0.55 INT per game. Philadelphia Eagles, As a team, There have been 28 INTs in the past three seasons (48 games), or an average of 0.60 per game.

Howard obtained these impressive takeaway statistics, while often lagging behind the opposing offense’s best receiver every week. On Tuesday night, he posted a statement via Instagram explaining that he wanted to be traded because he was not satisfied with his contract.

When players like Howard seem to be available in important positions, especially when the Hawks need positions, at least it is worth discussing.

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Yes eagles Steven Nelson just added This week, he will team up with Darius Slay to form a competent starting duo. So how do cornerbacks maintain demand? Nelson only signed a one-year contract in Philadelphia. Judging from the $2.5 million he received on the open market, the teams in the league obviously don’t think highly of him. At the same time, Sly will turn 31 in January, and Howard’s number of INTs in 2020 (also 10 of them) is greater than Sly’s number of INTs in the past three seasons (6).

In the next four seasons, any team that acquires Howard will pay him according to the following salary cap figures:

  1. 2021: US$12,075,000
  2. 2022: US$12,375,000
  3. 2023: $11,400,000
  4. 2024: USD 11,650,000

For the top 5 NFL cornerbacks, these numbers are very attractive. Of course, trading Howard may also require negotiating a new contract with him.

But with it comes the cost. In 2019, the Jacksonville Jalen Ramsey traded CB Jalen Ramsey to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for two first-round picks. Since Howard is two years older than Ramsey when he was traded, the Dolphins are unlikely to receive this bounty. But for the sake of debate, let’s just say that cost is a first-round pick.

The Hawks have a large number of very valuable picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. Of course, if they really want Howard, they can find a way to get him. They shouldn’t. Although the cornerback is an important position, it is not as important as the quarterback. #analyze.

The Hawks will have the opportunity to evaluate Jalen Huttes this season, but unless he proves beyond doubt that he is “that man”, their first round draft in 2022 should be absolutely untouchable unless they are used Long-term starting quarterback.

If this is 2017, 2018, 2019, or even 2020, then trading Howard makes sense. In 2021, it will not.

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