The Philadelphia Eagles training camp is coming soon. Players will report to NovaCare Complex on Tuesday, and the first training camp for 2021 will take place on Wednesday.

For my own benefit, I have compiled a list of things to pay attention to in the next month or so, because I take the trouble to list them as a guide, so I might as well post them here.


1) What is Nick Sirianni On-site coaching style? Is he a rah-rah person in the strict sense, or will he attack players because of mental errors, how will the players respond? What is the first clue to what his offense will look like?For the past three years, he has been touting the Colts’ ability to adjust offense based on the skill sets of three different quarterbacks (Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brissett, and Philip Rivers). So how does he shape the offense to fit Jaylen is injured Skill.

2) What is the atmosphere of the team surrounding Hurts?Does he know This The guy fed by his teammate? At this time last year, Hertz was the third-ranked quarterback, which is a bit of hindsight for his possible contribution in the 2020 season.This year, everything is different because he will get more attention than any other player on the list, only Devon Tower Smith Anywhere in the same stadium.

3) The accuracy of Hurts seems to have improved? We all know that he has intangible factors such as leadership and intelligence. Obviously he is a threat as a base runner, but if he is to become the team’s starting quarterback in 2022 and beyond, his accuracy will be Had to improve substantially.

4) Did Hurts exhaust all his progress before passing and running? In the 2020 training camp, Hurts has been running with the ball, just like in a 7-on-7 match. Then during the regular season, if one or two of his options do not exist, he will quickly roll up and run. For a quarterback with a running ability like Hertz, it is nothing unusual for a young player to rely on this skill. However, in his second season in training camp, he should seek to improve his skills in his pocket. Training camp is the time to eliminate some of your uncomfortable places.

5) Who will be the backup quarterback? Joe Flacco Is the most popular because he has a fully guaranteed one-year contract worth 3.5 million USD Nick Mullens It’s cheap here, but Mullens should be a legitimate competitor of Flacco.

6) how to do it Miles Sanders Looking at pass protection and as a receiver? Although he is an explosive runner in 2020, other aspects-and the safety of the ball-are not good. Will 2021 be the year he puts it all together?

7) How to use Sirianni Kenny GainwellThe rookie accepted qualifying in college, so I would like to know if Sirianni ranks Gainwell in the entire formation, perhaps in the open or outside, to create a misalignment with the opposing linebacker and safety guard.

8) Devon Tower Smith The media had limited opportunities to watch him in the summer, which left a deep impression on him. Can he bring it to training camp and immediately become the main receiver of the team as a rookie?

9) How to Jaylen Regg Dealing with a disappointing rookie season? He has athleticism and the ability to be an explosive receiver in the NFL, but will we see the efforts necessary to make improvements in a range of areas, especially his running routes and controversial catches? , Hands, catch and defensive team? What did Sirianni-and his team of offensive assistants-do to unlock Reagor’s abilities?

10) The wide receiver coach has a hint Aaron Moorehead That Travis Fulham Due to bad practice habits, lost playing time last season. Is he working hard every day and making the most of his opportunities and talents? This summer, he has a quasi-starter job coming online.

11) As a rookie last year, Quetz Watkins and John Hightower There are very good campsites. Can they prove that they have improved in the past year and ensure their place on the list?And of course there is JJ Alsegar-Whiteside, He is also an excellent camp player, but it has not translated into an important game. He may need another impressive training camp to maintain his roster position, but until he really shows something in the real game, all the optimism about him will be non-existent.

12) Yes Zach Ertz Will it really appear on this list this season? real? ! ? (I still say, maybe not.)

13) We know this will be an important year for individuals Dallas God, Who is in the contract season, and Richard Rogers Is a known quantity.But apart from those two guys, the Hawks have a lot of extra pressing on the roster Jack Stoll, Caleb Wilson, Jason Klum, Hakim Butler, and Terry Jackson. It feels like one of these people will eventually get a roster, but who will it be?

14) The best training camp battle this year is Andre Dillard Compared Jordan Myrata For the starting LT point. Yes, we will pay great attention to these two players.

15) how to do it Ryan Johnson Look? Has his ankle finally matched him?And is Brandon Brooks Old Brandon Brooks recovered from another Achilles tendon rupture?

16) What is the workload Landon Dixon get? Does he seem likely to be ready for the start of the regular season? By the way, he still needs to sign his rookie contract.

17) How are other young offensive wingers playing? There may be some starting roles to compete for in the future.In addition to Dixon, the two wingers I want to focus on are Jack Driscoll And UDFA Kayod Awosica.


18) What are the early signs of what Jonathan Gannon What will the plan look like? He is running”Mike Room-like” defense, what does this mean?

19) Josh Khan and Derek Barnett In the contract year, the Eagles are about to make a decision on the future of the two players and the team. Barnett performed better early in his career, but Sweet surpassed Barnett in 2020. During or after this season, which player is more worthy of renewal.

20) What will Ryan Kerrigan’s What role does it play in this defense?Will the fourth DE as a rotation be very simple, such as Chris Lang Once upon a time, or he would play some “Anthony Barr“The type of role in Gannon defense. Then if this role does exist in this defense, who else is represented there. The obvious other candidates are people like rookies. Patrick Johnson, Janal Avery, and Joe Osman.

21) The Hawks chose two defensive tackles Milton Williams and Marlon Tuplotu. Williams’ athletic ability is impressive, and Tupelotu is more like a runner.Last week, we thought the Eagles should look for Fletcher Cox Trade opportunityWe didn’t mention Williams and Tuplotu’s progress in that article, but if they were impressed in the training camp, it might be easier for management to consider trading Cox to avoid the next He paid him $32 million for the two seasons and also collected a high draft pick in return.Then I was also curious Tarron Jackson In action, if the Eagles consider his role on the inside and outside, whether it is in DE or DT.

19) Javin Hargrave He missed most of the training camp due to several injuries last year, and his performance at the beginning of the season may have been affected. What will he look like when he is perfectly healthy and will he fulfill his expensive contract?

23) Hawks introduced Eric Wilson From the Vikings (again in contact with Zimmer), he might handle Gannon’s defense. Will he play a leading role in defense, and if so, how fast? Then as an extension of this question, Alex Singleton From a bubble man of the past few years to a roster locked and possible starter. Will he play a leading role in defense, and which of these two guys will convey the game’s requirements to the defense?

24) In their rookie season, Sean Bradley and David Taylor Didn’t play much. Bradley performed a little more than Taylor in training camps and real games. Taylor is a project player, the team will have some patience, but now he has been with the team for more than a year?Also in front of young linebackers, you can Jackie Stevens Push Bradley and Taylor to play time as rookies?

25) If the Eagles are not signed Steven Nelson Become the opposite start CB2 Darius slaughter, The front runner of that job was originally Zeke McPherson, Michael Yakai, Evant Maddox, and Craig James. This is a multiplayer professional training camp battle, which is no longer in the scope of discussion. Therefore, the fun of watching these players in the training camp has been reduced. Still, if/when Slay or Nelson fall down at some point this season, someone will have to fill it up. I’m curious about what McPherson looked like as a rookie in his first training camp.

26) Just like Wilson above, Anthony Harris It came from the Vikings, and theoretically should know Gannon’s conspiracy. What kind of leadership role will he play in the middle school?

27) When Rodney McLeod Will you go all out after the ACL tear for the second time in three seasons?

28) Who will win the third safe job, among which K’From Wallace, Marcus Epps, and Andrew Adams?

Special team

29) We are not tracking Jack Elliott The outfield goal of the last training camp, because of the COVID, we are often restricted to certain areas of the practice range. There will be more free movement this year (probably), and after Elliott experienced his worst season as a professional player in 2020, we will be back to this beat this year.

30) Finally, yes, when we are accounting Aylin Sipos Place a bet for hanging time and (when we can) distance. I still suffer from no punter competition.

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