Heather Watson OUT, cycling road race, Yang Qian won the first gold medal

Heather Watson OUT, cycling road race, Yang Qian won the first gold medal



Good morning, all Olympic fans

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics held a spectacular opening ceremony on Friday.

Despite Japan’s coronavirus restrictions, the athletes look refreshed.

The competition will take place in badminton, beach volleyball and table tennis competitions.

At the same time, Chelsea star Frank Kirby was excluded from the group match between the British team and the Japanese team-but should return to the last game with the Canadian team.

Kirby, the best female football player of the year, suffered a heavy blow in pre-match training in Loughborough and missed his first victory against Chile.

Coach Hege Riise will make a change on the left, Demi Stokes will replace Rachel Daly in the back, Nikita Paris Parris played for Lauren Hemp and he said: “Fran is slowly returning to training, but we have to make sure we don’t push her.

“When there are so many games to play, we don’t want her to take risks.”

In the end, Tom Daly wanted to leave Tokyo with the Olympic gold medal-but his son meant more.

Daly told Sun Sports: “I think any athlete is lying if they say they don’t want to win the Olympic gold medal.

“But in the final analysis, I am a father and I am a husband. I think my perspective has changed dramatically in the past few years.

“With Robbie’s birth and then the pandemic, you will realize what is most important. I think this is a very important thing to enter the Olympics.

“I used to use my performance in the diving pool to define myself.

“But I think there are other equally important things in life and mine.”


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