Toby and Chloe of Love Island are on the rocks-the new girl Abigail plays for her man.

After Chloe and Toby “disrespect” her and flirted with tattoo artist Abigail, Chloe and Toby had an all-around duel, which made Chloe shed tears.

Meanwhile, fans celebrated that Katz kissed the new blockbuster Taylor on the villa terrace after nearly three weeks of friendship.

To make matters worse, a girl was kicked out of the island tonight…

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  • Hu-no!

    Oh no, it’s not Hugo.

    Did you see him admit that Georgia is not for him?

    When he served Chloe…ha!

  • Hu knows

    Did you see Hugo and Chloe get in close contact?

    Do you think he likes her?

    That will change

  • Tongge

    Did you see Abi Grafting-working out with Toby in her thong?

    Did you see Chloe pretending that she was not jealous?

  • Romantic mood

    Did you see that Toby went to sleep with one eye open?

    Want to know if he thinks Chloe will catch up with him in his sleep by admitting that he likes Abigail. what!

  • Chloe dumps Toby

    Did you see that she told Toby to shut up?

    See how he started to look back—’Do you want to sleep on it? ‘He pleaded.

  • Lieb and Katz

    Fans love this friendship-see how excited Lieb is when Katz kisses Tyler.

    so cute!

  • ‘host. Jesus’


    When Abi pulled Chloe to chat, did you see Aaron and Teddy get the best seat in the house?

    They love it, really!

  • Talk with hand

    You see Chloe go from anger to tearful in the second.

    Toby looked like a deer under his headlight, and he was panicked.

    Hugo told him,’You can’t eat your cake’

    Hugh was right.

  • Slum paradise

    Was it me or Chloe’s accent changed from “sweet Chloe” to “street Chloe”?

  • Chloe Departure

    Oops, the background music makes my heart palpitations.

    Did you see Chloe accusing him for “disrespect”?

  • New couple reminder

    Did you see that Kaz and Tyler also have matching costumes… and the eye contact between them?

    All dressed in white, you know.

    It’s best to dust off our wedding hats, and then…

  • Fans have time to kiss

  • Cheer with the country

    Kaz got her man.

    Have you seen Tyler enter the second round and kiss Katz.

    Look at her beaming!

  • Entangled

    Nice move, Katz.

    Have you seen her attract Taylor by asking Taylor to untie her earrings?


  • Please play the drums

    Did you see Katz and Tyler giggling upstairs together?

    Is he going to kill?

    Please guys!

  • NO-BY

    Is Toby really asking Abi for advice on what to do next? … In hers?

    this boy!

  • Sorry B****

    Did you see Faye’s advice to Chloe?

    *Flick your hair* “Sorry, b****, you are alone.”

  • Common goal

    Katz and Aaron.

    Every day all day.

    When Toby and Aby connect their arms and walk by, do you see their chemical reaction?

    it’s already over

  • Girl, goodbye

    “I’ll get rid of Chloe and follow me.”

    Ddi, do you see how smirking and confident Abi is?

    Isn’t it the same as Chloe at the beginning…

    Toby fell for it every time. what!

  • nerve

    Never seen Chloe look so nervous.

    See how she huddled with Jack and others.

    Oh no. Abi beat her to chat with Toby.


  • Katz, you bastard!

    Where are we now?

    Who is the lucky person…Taylor or Aaron?

  • Explosive

    Call the fire department because tonight’s plot will be…

  • Ten minutes to love island

    This is probably a summary.

    He has!

  • Sorry Katz

    And Chloe.

    Toby is going on a show tonight because he wants to apologize for his next woman.

  • Chloe is crying

    Have you seen Chloe burst into tears because of Toby’s “betrayal” last night?

    She went from tears to anger within a few minutes.

    Fans can’t wait to see what happens next…


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