James Martin was outspoken in his fight against dyslexia, which he described as an “absolute nightmare”

James Martin made public his struggle with “severe dyslexia”, which he described as an “absolute nightmare.”

TV chef, 49, In ??the repeat episode aired today, he described his experience with learning disabilities on Saturday morning in James Martin.


James Martin begins to fight dyslexia
Molly King is James Martin's guest on Saturday morning
Molly King is James Martin’s guest on Saturday morning

In the show, he explained the impact of dyslexia on him while showing his cooking show.

When interviewing former members on Saturday Molly King34-year-old James was diagnosed with dyslexia. He said: “I know that one of your passions is this dyslexia foundation. I want to accept it because it is something deep in my heart, because I also read Disorders-severe dyslexia.”

Although Molly was diagnosed at a young age, James didn’t know that he had dyslexia until he became an adult.

“I didn’t know about me until I was 30, and when I started reading autocue on TV, it was definitely a nightmare for me to read it,” he said.

He praised a woman working at the BBC for giving him confidence and helping him overcome the challenges he faced.

He said: “She turned around and said,’You have to walk and talk at the same time,’ and then asked me to take a small lesson on how to do it.

“You need someone like this to give you confidence, don’t you?” he added.

Molly first noticed that she had difficulties in elementary school and was diagnosed at the age of 10.

“With this diagnosis and understanding why I find it so difficult to read, it makes a big difference for me,” Radio 1 DJ explained.

James revealed that his learning disabilities prevented him from passing cooking classes in school.

He told “Women and Home” in 2018: “I failed to cook at school because I had dyslexia, and I still do. Severe dyslexia. I have never read a book in my life.”

James Martin aired on ITV Saturday morning at 9:25 a.m. Saturday.

James describes his struggle with dyslexia in an episode of James Martin on Saturday morning


James describes his struggle with dyslexia in an episode of James Martin on Saturday morning
James was not diagnosed with dyslexia until adulthood


James was not diagnosed with dyslexia until adulthoodCredit: ITV
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