Andy Fordham passed away recently-the cause of death of Darts Legend was revealed as major organ failure, as star tribute

He was famous for his slim figure as a teenager

As a teenager, Andy grew up in Charlton, southeast London, and according to MailOnline, he was nicknamed “Whippets.”

His slender figure makes him passionate about track and field events and football.

He told the “Daily Mail” that he weighed 31 years old: “I have never eaten a lot, but I eat terribly, eating convenience food-takeaway, pizza, kebab-because I always Very busy.”

“If I work behind a bar, I will eat peanuts or potato chips as a snack, and I never exercise. Then I drink.

‘In retrospect, I realized that I was an alcoholic. I can’t stop myself. I thought I could control it, but I didn’t.

“I will go downstairs and open the bar around 11 am and start drinking immediately.”

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