Rescuers comb through Iraqi hospitals, dozens of people were killed in COVID ward fire | Middle East News

At least 52 people have been Died of fire Probably caused by the explosion of an oxygen tank in a COVID ward of a hospital in the southern city of Nasiri, Iraq.

His office said in a statement that when rescuers searched smoke-scorched buildings to find more bodies, Prime Minister Mustafa Kadimi held an emergency meeting with senior ministers and ordered a suspension and arrests. Health and civil defense managers in Nasiriyah.

The statement added that the hospital manager was also suspended and arrested.

Health sources said that as many patients are still missing, the death toll from the fire on Monday may rise. They said there were two health workers among the dead.

Health officials in Nasiriya said that after the fire was brought under control, the search operation at al-Hussain Coronavirus Hospital continued, but heavy smoke made it difficult for people to enter some burned wards.

The initial police report indicated that the explosion of the oxygen tank in the COVID-19 ward of the hospital may have been the cause of the fire.

In April, a COVID-19 hospital in Baghdad caused a fire due to an explosion of an oxygen tank Killed at least 82 people And injured 110 people.

Iraq’s medical system has been hit hard by the war and sanctions, and it has been struggling to deal with the coronavirus crisis, which has caused 17,592 deaths and more than 1.4 million infections.

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