New Jersey residents can use the Docket app to access COVID-19 vaccination records, but it is not a vaccine passport

Lost your COVID-19 vaccination card? There is an app-at least in New Jersey.

On Monday, the state’s Ministry of Health has signed the use of filesAccording to officials, the application will eventually simplify public access to all records of the New Jersey Immunization Information System. However, for now, Docket will only provide proof that one person has been vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Be absolutely clear, this is not a passport,” Governor Phil Murphy said at the Monday meeting. Coronavirus briefing“Docket aims to provide residents with easy access to their COVID vaccination records, especially if their vaccination cards have been damaged or lost.”

According to Health Department Commissioner Judy Persichilli, if you want to access records on Docket, you need to file a phone number or email address in the Health Department’s Immunization Registry. Usually, immunization records can only be mailed.

New Jersey residents who have been vaccinated in different states may have to wait a while before they can access their records on Docket. Persichilli said the health department is working to obtain these out-of-state records so that they can be made available on the app.

Persichilli said Docket is owned by New York-based Docket Health Inc. and is currently used in Utah and is expected to be implemented in other states across the country. She added that the app has been approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and “complies with federal and state data security and privacy standards.”

When asked later about the prospects of using the app as a vaccine passport, Murphy said he was not firmly opposed to the idea of ??a passport plan, but the state needs to make better efforts for its minorities before putting the plan into use Community members are vaccinated. local. According to statistics, approximately 22% of vaccine doses (approximately 2.3 million doses) in New Jersey are used for black and Latino residents. Status data.

“In black and brown communities, we have not yet reached where we need to be,” he said. “Until we give everything we have-because everyone can get the vaccine fairly-then, although I am open-minded, I think the timing is wrong.”

Apple users can find it on Docket app Store, It can also be in Google Play Store.

If you lose your vaccination card and want a new one, click here Visit the Ministry of Health website and click “Submit Request” at the top of the page.

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