My wife and I hardly speak

Dear Diddle: My wife and I hardly talk. When we talk, there is a grunt here and there is a grunt.

She didn’t want me to participate in her life at all. I am 54 years old and she is 51 years old.


All my wife and I did was mumbling to each other

She recently won £5,500 in a bingo game, but I just knew it was because I heard her screaming happily on the phone.

When I asked her, she replied: “I told you I won. It doesn’t matter anyway-mine is mine.”

I also found out that her sister gave birth-again only because a friend mentioned it.

If she doesn’t plan to communicate with me at all, I really don’t see the meaning of our being together.

Dedley said: I think I have never heard the wedding vows “Mine is mine”.

Of course you need to have a late chat with your wife. Removing you from her life will undoubtedly make you feel not loved and valued.

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