Coronavirus Update-After the number of cases and hospitalizations rose within a week, there are concerns that the third wave of Covid will continue until August

U.K. COVID hospital admissions surged by more than half in a week

The number of Covid hospitalizations in the UK surged by more than half in a week, with 565 patients in 24 hours.

Increasing numbers-which is the highest level since March-are just over a week before England will be fully unlocked on July 19.

On the last day, the number of coronavirus cases increased by 32,367, bringing the total number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic to 5,089,893.

The death toll reported today has increased by 34, bringing the total number of deaths to 128,339.

This means that in the past 7 days, cases have increased by 30% and deaths have increased by 62%.

According to government data as of July 9, 45,786,550 of the 80,327,679 Covid injections carried out in the UK so far are the first injections-88,675 more than the previous day.

Approximately 34,541,129 people are the second dose-an increase of 166,883 people.

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