Trezor will launch a new application suite for managing hardware wallet encryption

Trezor will launch a new application suite for managing hardware wallet encryption



Satoshi Nakamoto Lab, the creator of Bitcoin and Encrypted hardware wallet brand Trezor, Will release its new interface application next week, Wednesday, July 14. Although the Trezor Suite for the Web is still available, the new Trezor Suite is built from this group and is a completely unique Windows desktop application.

Features of Trezor kit

Invitation card

First, Trezor Suite will integrate Invitation card (Satoshi Nakamoto laboratory tool). Invity allows users to directly buy Bitcoin and dozens of other coins Hardware wallet In a decentralized way. Through the integration of Invity, hardware wallet users do not need to trust their keys for transactions.

With Invity integration, users can now find quotes based on their region and preferred currency

Dashboard enhancement

From the Trezor Suite dashboard, users will get a complete view of all crypto assets and their deposit and withdrawal charts. Trezor Suite is designed to easily navigate to a specific asset to start trading. Now it is more efficient to switch to the “Transactions” tab to select the price of bitcoin purchases.

Easy onboarding

The new Trezor Suite will provide a quick and easy entry to properly set up a user’s wallet and highlight the basic security steps to be taken. As an all-in-one interface, the new getting started guide shows users how to safely explore encryption and improve privacy without the need for additional applications or complex networks.

Secure Transaction

With the new Trezor Suite, it is now possible to generate new transactions faster and set custom fees. Importantly, Trezor’s security checks ensure that the cost will not be abnormally high, and it is recommended to pre-calculate the cost based on the current network capacity. In addition, RBF (replacement by fee) and broadcasting are enabled by default to provide a smoother trading experience.

RBF and broadcast are enabled by default

Efficient token management

ERC-20 tokens can now be easily added to the user’s wallet through the contract address. In addition, the encrypted tokens supported by Trezor Suite can now be enabled/disabled through the simplified coin settings menu. Please note that disabling the token will only remove it from the app’s view, and the key remains secure on Trezor.

Privacy simplified

Finally, according to the needs of users, different privacy layers can be used. You can already experience this feature with Tor switch and cautious mode.

Launch on July 14

“Next week, Trezor Suite will be officially launched. This is an important milestone in its development process. Trezor Suite will become the main interface for managing your funds. Every month, we will see exciting new features and extensions introduced to the new platform. , So you can continue to use your crypto assets to do more.”
– Satoshi Nakamoto Lab Team


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