Italy vs. Spain: Preview of the semi-finals of the European Cup 2020 | Euro2020 News

Italy vs. Spain: Preview of the semi-finals of the European Cup 2020 | Euro2020 News



When: Tuesday, July 6
where is it: Wembley Stadium, London
begin: 19:00 GMT

Italy and Spain will meet in the first semi-finals of the 2020 European Cup. It is expected that 60,000 people will be held at Wembley. Tuesday’s match is the latest episode of the fourth consecutive encounter between the two countries at the European Championship.

Spain won the championship on a penalty kick in the quarter-finals held in Vienna in 2008, and defeated Italy 4-0 in the final in Kiev four years later.

Italy received a certain degree of revenge by winning 2-0 in the last 16 matches of the 2016 European Cup, and this time the Azzurri seem to be the most popular team because they were in the quarter-finals Eliminated Belgium and extended their undefeated record to an extraordinary 32 games.

Although Italy-whose only European title was won in 1968-has been the best in the championship so far, Spain has overcome a difficult start and reached the semi-finals, with their goal of setting a record first. Four continental champions.

Road to the semifinals

Beat Turkey 3-0
Beat Switzerland 3-0
Beat Wales 1-0
Beat Austria 2-1 (after ET)
Beat Belgium 2-1

Draw with Sweden 0-0
1-1 draw with Poland
Beat Slovakia 5-0
Beat Croatia 5-3 (after ET)
3-1 beat Switzerland (penalty kick)

Spain’s dominance cycle in European football started in Italy and ended in Italy, so their hope of reconquering will see them facing Roberto Mancini, who are on their way to redemption.

This is a game full of history, especially for coach Luis Enrique, whose nose was interrupted by rival Mauro Tassotti in the 1994 World Cup quarter-finals, and he was in the 1994 World Cup. Unpunished in the quarter-finals, it has caused injustice in Spain so far.

Mancini made the country fall in love with the national team again by overseeing some sparkling footballs and creating a real sense of unity. They celebrated every victory as if they had won a trophy.

This sense of unity can be seen on the court as they defended like a gladiator in the 2-1 defeat of Belgium in the quarter-finals and faced defender Leonardo on the flight home. · Leonardo Spinazzola (Leonardo Spinazzola) made a boisterous tribute, who tore his Achilles tendon and was out of the game.

Spain’s path to the semifinals was not so smooth. They had a terrible start in a draw with Sweden and Poland, and then defeated Slovakia 5-0 in overtime and Croatia 5-3.

Their quarter-final victory over Switzerland in a penalty shoot-out was far less exciting, but they had the mark of defeating Italy in a penalty shoot-out 13 years ago and demonstrated the team spirit of the players. Enrique played throughout the game. All speak freely.

Enrique overcame the influence of personal tragedy and negative public opinion, united his young team and led them to the semifinals.

He drew the anger of many fans and most of the Spanish media because he excluded Sergio Ramos from the team and did not select players from Real Madrid. The coach only chose 24 instead of 26, and encouraged the French-born defender Emeric Laporte to change his nationality instead of Ramos leading the team’s defense, which attracted more attention.

When Sergio Busquets (Sergio Busquets) tested positive for COVID-19, he kept Sergio Busquets (Sergio Busquet) in the team, more suspicion followed , This shows that he did not bear Ramos’s patience, Ramos missed most of last season due to injury.

Radio Marca described Luis Enrique as “stubborn” and added that Spain “is not eligible to win the European Cup, we all know that”.

Coach’s corner

Luis Enrique (Spain)

“We are in a leading position in possession of the ball [in the tournament] But they can also use it to enjoy the ball, which will be the first battle we need to conquer. They can adapt to the absence of the ball. They have done it in some stages of the tournament, but they are more comfortable with the ball and stronger.

“We are not an experienced team, but it does not mean that we have no experience in the game. Many of our players have played at a high level and are used to these games. I only hope that we can meet the challenge.”

Roberto Mancini (Italy)

“We know it will not be easy. We know we need to perform well because Spain is the top team. We have reached the semi-finals of the European Cup. So it is difficult to find easy objections.

“If Italy and Spain have done it so far, it means we have done well. If we reach the semi-finals, it means we should be at this stage of the game. So I think who has the most popular tag is 50 -50.”

What is the next step for the winner?

The 2020 European Cup final will be played against England or Denmark at Wembley Stadium on July 11.


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