Rumor: The Bills and the Eagles complete the Zach Oetz deal

Rumor: The Bills and the Eagles complete the Zach Oetz deal


Zach Ertz has been in the trading zone for about 10 months (check the timetable), and there is no doubt that he will play for a team other than the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021. It’s really just a question of whether the team will release him, or can save some kind of trade compensation in return.

Appeared on the Dan Sileo show (h/t And r/eagles), Merrill Reese said, “The word is [the Eagles are] Approaching a Zach Ertz deal with Buffalo. “Reese said at the beginning of the comment that he had no inside information. Full quote:

“The news today is that they are very close to the deal-I don’t have any inside information to confirm this-but there is news that they are about to conclude a deal with Buffalo in exchange for Zach Ertz. But I believe you have most of the time in a few weeks. Will appear on this list as Zach Ertz.”

On June 1, Bill restructured Stefon Diggs’ contract, freeing up a lot of additional salary space in 2021:

The timing of this move seems very interesting, because June 1 is also an important date for Ertz to release or trade. The Eagles trade/release Ertz after June 1st will save $8.5 million in 2021, but if they trade/release him before then, they will only save $4,952,000.

This led many to speculate that the extra cap space vacated by the Bills was assigned to Ertz, although in theory the Bills could also use it for quarterback Josh Allen’s new contract.

According to the daily NFLPA salary cap report, Bill currently has $10,099,044 in salary cap space. Ertz’s salary in 2021 is $8.5 million, so, you know, he is a good fit. Of course, the Bills are a legitimate Super Bowl contender and need to be pressed tight. As a suitor of Oetz, it may be more meaningful than any other team in the NFL.

From the perspective of the Eagles, if he eventually becomes a diehard in training camp, the Ertz legend will become an important story and may be a distraction. The team may best accept whatever reasonable trade compensation they can obtain and move on.

My heartfelt thanks to Merrill for providing me with simple content, and there is absolutely no other content in the Eagles news. Now I’m going to enjoy the summer, K. Thank you bye. ?

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