Try these healthier drink recipes this holiday weekend

Try these healthier drink recipes this holiday weekend



In terms of healthy eating, holiday weekends are always a challenge. There are always many treats to indulge in, including alcohol. However, enjoying some cocktails on the upcoming July 4th weekend will not spoil your healthy diet.

Nutritionists recommend that you choose low-calorie and low-sugar recipes. And drink a glass of water between each person to prevent drinking too much in a short time.

Here are five healthier cocktail recipes you can enjoy this weekend:

1. Berry Sangria

This red, white and blue sangria from EatingWell uses micro-bubbly white wine, sweet liqueur and plenty of fruit instead of added sugar to maintain its sweetness.

Find the complete recipe Here.

2. Blue Harvest Cocktail

This recipe from Ocean Home Magazine can be easily served from a perforated bowl, which is perfect for serving at a party. To make July 4th even more festive, decorate the glasses with American flag toothpicks, limes and raspberries.

Find the complete recipe Here.

3. Agave thorns

The blend of tequila, lemon, fresh blackberry and blackberry liqueur produced by Popsugar is less than 200 calories. It relies on the sweetness of fresh fruit and a bit of agave syrup.

Find the complete recipe Here.

4. Healthy Strawberry Mojito

This recipe from The Clean Eating Couple calls for honey and fruit to add sweetness instead of adding a spoonful of sugar. It also uses lime soda instead of soda to limit the added sugar.

Find the complete recipe Here.

5. Cucumber Margarita

cucumber It is an excellent base for any cocktail because they are low in calories and rich in essential vitamins, including B vitamins, folic acid, calcium, vitamin C and iron. This recipe by Isabel Eats is very simple, with only five ingredients.

Find the complete recipe Here.


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