Eagles player comments: Sean Bradley Edition

Eagles player comments: Sean Bradley Edition



In the offseason, we will look at some players who are new to the Philadelphia Eagles or who have already joined the team, but we may not know them well yet. Today we take a look at linebacker Sean Bradley.

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After drafting David Taylor in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Eagles doubled their linebackers when they drafted Bradley in the sixth round. Like Taylor—and a series of other linebacker acquisitions over the past five years or so—Bradley is short in stature and has excellent athleticism, including a speed of 4.51.

Like Taylor, Bradley didn’t play too many games in regular defense during his rookie season, although he did get more snapshots than Taylor — and clearly higher on the depth map. Check out his season snapshot count:

week opponent Dunk (defense) Snapshot (ST)
1 football team 8 25
2 ram 0 15
3 Bengal tiger 0 26
4 49 people 2 19
5 Steelers 4 16
6 crow 32 twenty three
7 Giants 1 20
8 cowboy 0 16
10 Giants 5 16
11 Browns 0 twenty one
12 Seahawks 0 18
13 packing worker 3 twenty two
14 saint 10 19
15 Cardinals 0 20
16 cowboy 11 8
17 football team infrared infrared
All 14 games, 5 starts 76 284

As you can see, Bradley only made 76 steals in regular defense, but he is a core agent. His 284 special team steals rank second in the team, second only to Alex. Singleton (298). If Bradley does not miss half of the game due to injury to end the season, he is likely to lead the team in a special team game. He has 8 special team tackles and 1 free throw.

In this exercise, I watched Bradley’s defensive fast break against the football team, the Ravens, the Saints and the Cowboys. When he took five or fewer snapshots, I did not hunt down his game moves. In doing so, I was actually pleasantly surprised by what I found.

First of all, we should note that Bradley has almost only played the bottom line in a combination of three-line guards. As a running defender (of course-the sample size here is small), he usually seems to distribute the gaps, he shows good intuition, he has never been really bullied by the blocker, he did what he should do Tackle. The following are the steals in his regular defense this season:

As you can see, he made multiple tackles near, behind, or near the melee line.

There were not many comments on Bradley in the report. The strange thing is that ProFootballFocus gave him a coverage rating of 37.6 (which is very bad), which confuses me. In the snapshot I watched, Bradley was not aimed at once. Not once, haha. In this season, the professional football reference allowed him to complete a goal and complete 7 yards, which must have happened in one game in which he played five times or less (I did not hunt).

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Bradley’s downturn this season is that he passed the ball to Michael Gallup, and Gallup passed in front of Marcus Epps. Bradley tried to tackle Gallup, Gallup made a beautiful move, causing Bradley to slip.

063021 Bradley 3

But there are also good ones. My favorite Bradley game this season is against New Orleans. Josh Sweat changed the rules of the game. Bradley was the MIKE supporter below, and he ran down the seam with the slot receiver. Taysom Hill looked there, but he didn’t like pulling the trigger, so he moved to the next receiver in the process, which gave Sweat enough time to play his important role:

063021 Bradley 2

However, in the end, Bradley’s report as a rookie didn’t have much to appraise.


A few weeks ago, I watched All snapshots of Davion Taylor during the 2020 season, And what I see is a player who is not ready to participate in regular defense at all, and there is still a long way to go before he makes a positive contribution. These types of projects are in a dilemma because they need game action to get better, and the defensive coordinator must be willing to endure bad results in the short term to make them grow. In my opinion, Taylor still has a long way to go before he can play, and Bradley showed that he is at least a player capable enough to get meaningful snapshots while he continues to grow.

In terms of his chances of making the list in 2021, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Bradley is a core special player. I even think he is a good candidate for a bigger position in the second year.

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