Makzumov retired as a 76ers game announcer after 27 years

Makzumov retired as a 76ers game announcer after 27 years



After 27 years of playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, the beloved game-by-play announcer Mark Zumov announced his retirement.

The 65-year-old Zumov has always been the spokesperson for the 76ers. He has experienced the team’s ecstatic peak and the trough of the era. Zumov is known for his situational phrases and skilled rhythm, and has gradually become a favorite of Philadelphia fans. He is comforting among the backbone of the Eagles’ Merrill Rees and the late Phillies’ Harry Callas.

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In a letter published NBC Sports PhiladelphiaZumov explained that he retired because he wanted to explore other lifestyles as he entered the “fourth quarter”:

Gratitude is one of the qualities I have been dedicated to accepting. Without the help of hundreds of people along the way, I am not a spokesperson for an NBA team. When I slowly enter the next stage of my life, I will seriously look back to express my gratitude to these people.

But now, allow me to thank you, 76ers fans, for giving me the opportunity to embark on this surreal journey with you. It is an honor to be welcomed to your home. I fully understand and appreciate the responsibility of representing your team, and I am truly honored to do so.

76ers issue a statement Celebrate Zumov’s time with the team. He will be honored in the home game next season.

“We sincerely thank Makzumov for everything he has done for this organization, this team and Philadelphia over the past 27 years,” said Josh Harris and David Blitzer, managing partners of the Philadelphia 76ers. “We will miss his iconic voice and famous quotes, which have been the main content of the 76ers game for most of the past 20 years. While congratulating Mark on his retirement, we look forward to the 2021-22 season. Appropriate tribute and celebration to him at home games.”

On Tuesday, fans shared some of Zumov’s most memorable calls and recognized his contribution to the 76ers’ basketball language, thus remembering Zumov.

Here are some of Zumov’s best calls in years.


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