Wimbledon stands up to applause for COVID vaccine scientists

Wimbledon stands up to applause for COVID vaccine scientists


On the opening day of the game at Wimbledon Centre Court in London on Monday, the announcer told the audience that there were some special guests in attendance.

People who played a key role in the UK’s response to the epidemic coronavirus Pandemics—from transport workers to medical staff from the British National Health Service—are invited to sit in the royal box.

But the announcer only partially approved the list before the crowd reacted.

“Nowadays [the special guests] Including leaders who develop vaccines against the new coronavirus,” the announcer said, while the camera zoomed in Mrs. Sarah Gilbert, Professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, who led the team that developed the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Thanks to her efforts, Gilbert won lady Earlier this month, when she was included in the Queen’s birthday honour list.

When the Wimbledon audience realized who was there, they burst into applause, which quickly turned into standing applause.

As the cheers continued for more than a minute, Gilbert looked at a loss.

People on the Internet were deeply moved by the viral video of standing ovation.

The Twitter accounts of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton also retweeted the video and expressed their gratitude.

This year’s Wimbledon Championship is the first since 2019. Last year’s game was cancelled due to the pandemic.

The audience is No need to wear a mask When sitting down, you need to provide a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination status.

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