Alberta pastor, brother, cafe owner found guilty for contempt of COVID-19 health regulations

Alberta pastor, brother, cafe owner found guilty for contempt of COVID-19 health regulations


Three men in Alberta—a Calgary street missionary, his brother, and a cafe owner—were convicted of contempt of court, and the judge believed that they “willfully and deliberately” violated their demands. Judicial order to comply with COVID-19 public health rules.

The pastor of Street Church Ministries, Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid Pawlowski, and Christopher Scott, who owns the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror, Alta, “openly show off the Alberta Health Services’ efforts to protect citizens during the third wave of the epidemic.” . In a decision made in Calgary on Monday morning, Judge Adam Germain of the Throne Court said that at a time when the number of COVID-19 cases in Alberta was the highest in North America, there was a pandemic.

The three will face a sentencing hearing next month.

Mayor candidate also charged

Meanwhile, in late Monday afternoon, after defense attorney Ian McGregor completed his contempt case, the fourth man, Calgary mayor candidate Kevin J. Johnston, will learn on Friday. His fate.

McCuaig argued that if Johnston contemptuously violated the order of three different judges, it would violate his client’s right to freedom of speech in the Charter.

Johnston was in trouble for threatening AHS inspectors, promoting large gatherings, and violating public health orders in multiple social media posts.

In early May, the Alberta government took new measures to try to combat recurring COVID-19 public health orders as the province’s cases continued to rise.

The fine for violating the public health order doubled to $2,000, and a new law enforcement agreement called by Attorney General Kaycee Madu was introduced to target those who did not follow the order.

Two judges issued orders aimed at controlling stubborn offenders.

Criminal charges in 3 provinces

Johnston, who has a history of belligerent and racist behavior, has repeatedly stated that if elected, he is prepared to arm himself and go to the homes of health officials to arrest those who take enforcement actions.

He specifically posted a photo of an AHS employee and threatened to “beaten” her and others. Doxxing is the practice of publishing a person’s personal information on the Internet, usually against a person’s wishes.

After being threatened, Johnston was Restriction order sought by AHSTo prevent him from obstructing or disturbing his employees. One of his allegations of contempt is related to his allegations of violating the order.

Johnston faces criminal charges in three provinces: assault charges in British Columbia, hate crime charges in Ontario, and recent charges of causing riots in Alberta.He is currently in jail After being refused bail on June 14 Related to allegations that caused riots and violated court orders in the Core Mall in downtown Calgary.

AHS inspector harassed in church

Throughout the pandemic, the Pawlowski brothers held and promoted large-scale church services without masks in Calgary, and denied health officials access to churches in communities in southeastern Dover.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) inspectors encountered abusive language when trying to enter the church.

Artur Pawlowski was fined last year for failing to comply with COVID-19 restrictions and caused controversy due to past comments, such as his claim that the floods in Calgary in 2013 were caused by God’s tears of homosexuality.

This Pawlowskis arrested Early May.

On May 8, Chris Scott, owner of Whistle Stop Cafe in the Mirror Center in Alberta, spoke at a rally against the measures taken by the government and health authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19. (Jason Franson/Canada Press)

At about the same time, the health inspector put the Whistle Stop Cafe on the lock. Scott has been in business for several months, blatantly ignoring AHS orders to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

On May 8, despite the judge’s order to comply with the restrictions on public gatherings, Scott decided that “he will participate in and incite the masses” and continue the planned large-scale camping and anti-restriction gatherings, German said in his ruling.

Scott was arrested that weekend.

The judge said that all three were convicted of “openly encouraging assemblies that violate the rules.”

Watch | Calgary street missionary, brother detained:

Despite the pandemic, in Calgary, Artur and Dawid Pawlowski ignored public health restrictions and held large church gatherings indoors without wearing masks and were arrested on May 8. (Video: Artur Pawlowski TV/YouTube) 0:37

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