Al Jazeera Digital wins two One World Media Awards | Al Jazeera News

Al Jazeera’s digital department won the Best Print and Women Entrepreneur Report Award for interactive topics related to women and children in East and West Africa.

The oneworld media awards awarded Al Jazeera’s digital team two top awards for their outstanding reporting on issues related to, in, or related to the Global South. These announcements were made in a live webcast in London on June 17.

The jury recognized the collaboration between Al Jazeera’s digital feature and interactive team and field reporters to report on women and children in Senegal and Uganda.

The interactive feature-“It takes a village to kill a child”: Hidden Child in Uganda-won the top prize in the printing category. Journalist and writer Beau Donnelly and photographer Christopher Hopkins told important stories about disabled children in Uganda, who were stigmatized and abused, often hiding indoors and not getting enough care.

For many years, journalists have been working to obtain funding and permits by providing education and services to those in need to focus on community leaders who are working to change this situation. A functional team led by senior editor Carla Bower produced the story, and Mohammed Haddad, head of AJLabs, designed and developed its interactive components.

Another collaboration between Features and AJLabs, “Leave Energy: Senegal’s Women’s Village”, became a winner in the category of women entrepreneurs reports.

Journalist and writer Carlotta Dotto, in collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Giulia Bassanese, tells the story of Senegalese women pooling resources to implement new farming methods to save the land from desertification.

As husbands and sons fled to other countries to find work, women discovered new ways to prevent their land from turning into a desert, while at the same time generating much-needed income for their families and communities.

“Despite the tremendous challenges facing reporting during the pandemic, our reporters have demonstrated a great commitment to the highest journalistic standards,” said Carlos Van Mick, director of digital innovation and programming. “They continue to speak out for those whose stories may be overlooked.”

In this year’s One World Media Awards, many industry competitors including BBC World News, Vice News, Sky News, Frontline PBS and Middle East Eye have also become winners and nominees in 15 categories.

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