How old is Blake Moynes and what is his nationality?

Blake Moynes is the third lucky contender in The Single Girl.

He is one of more than 30 people trying to win Katie Thurston’s Heart is in her season.


Blake Moynes

How old is Blake Moynes?

Black was born on August 9, 1990 and is 30 years old this year.

His zodiac sign is Leo. They usually work hard and are attracted to the good things in life. Although it is well known that they sometimes slacken at work, they will do it with strong determination and determination.

Blake is a contestant in these two projects Claire Crowley with Tehia Adams The season of bachelor girls.

He was found lurking on the set, and then Joined Katie’s season halfway through By shooting.

The Canadian bachelor may be so obsessed with finding love because he is the last single person in the circle of friends.

The outdoor enthusiast works as a wildlife steward and uses his free time to volunteer for endangered species.

He knows what he wants and describes his “dream lover” as outdoor, stupid and funny, and must be able to handle his “potty”.

The 29-year-old comes from a large family with two furry friends, a cat and a dog.

He can talk about his feelings without hesitation and “want a partner who would appreciate what he thought of him.”

What is his nationality?

Black is a national of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Black and his siblings Taylor and Cody, Raised by his mother Emily Moynes (Emily Moynes).

Emily and her unidentified father separated when Moynes was young.

According to Emily’s Instagram, she is a writer who “advises others on issues related to personal challenges and overcoming the painful reality of divorce.

Blake Moynes is Canadian


Blake Moynes is CanadianCredit: blakemoynes/Instagram

“She is good at empowering women, helping them recognize, break free and thrive after experiencing harmful relationships,” she said website.

What did Katie Thurston say to Blake Moynes?

Thurston Accepted Moynes slipped into her DM Before her season collapsed.

She said Moynes contacted her after she was eliminated Matt James‘Season.

Thurston told U.S. Weekly: “I definitely know who he is and Tayshia’s ex-boyfriend! So it’s weird.

Blake Moynes allegedly went a long way in Katie Thurston's season


Blake Moynes allegedly went a long way in Katie Thurston’s seasonCredit: blakemoynes/Instagram

“We talked before, but things like this usually happen. For example, once they are eliminated, men will take the initiative to contact them and say,’Good luck, you are doing well.'”

Moynes first appeared in “Single Girl”, just like John Cusack in the movie, with a speaker above his head.

In a confession, Moynes described his feelings about Thurston. He said: “I’m a bit late, but Katie is the one, so I had to show up.

“I know that damn guy will go crazy.”

There are rumors that it is one of them The last four men of single girls.

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