North County Water Park reopens only on weekends for the 2021 season

Vista, California-Starting Saturday, Vista’s Wave Water Park will return in the summer of 2021.

Jesus Torres, director of Wave Water Park in Vista, California.

The park is owned by the city government and closed to the public last year due to the pandemic. Officials plan to operate at full capacity this season, from noon to 5 pm on weekends until September 6.

All other day courses will take place during the week, including camp and swimming lessons.

Compared with the empty park seen throughout 2020, this will be a big change.

“It’s very different because the park is very barren,” said Jesus Torres, director of Wave Waterpark.

However, like many other companies that compete for workers, the park has encountered difficulties in recruiting this year, which is part of the reason for the seasonal adjustment. Normally, they hire about 200 people during the regular summer season, attracting talent from North County schools.

There are about 70 staff members this summer, mainly lifeguards and guest service personnel.

“We were able to conduct virtual recruitment activities with some local high schools,” Torres said. “Usually we like to visit in person, but due to the new coronary pneumonia, we will not be able to visit in person this year.”

One of the main changes this summer: there are no concession booths. Instead, the park will provide pre-packaged snacks and water for sale, and encourage guests to visit businesses near the park.

In addition, staff will be required to wear masks in the park. Guests who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the Wave Waterpark ticket booth.

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