“He is my superman”: Family calls for justice for the death of RCMP Shelby Button

Shelby Patton’s family remembers the RCMP officer who died on duty on Saturday as a superhero.

“He is my superman,” Barton’s sister Kyla Barton told CBC. “He is too strong. He is too smart.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Patton died after being hit by a stolen truck while trying to stop in the town of Wolseley, Sask State.

Shelby’s father Ashley Patton (Ashley Patton) said that his son is committed to family and work, and loves to help others.

Shelby’s mother, Melanie Patton, works for the RCMP in an office in Alberta. She said Shelby was inspired by their conversations about the law, crime, and what people can and should do.

Melanie said there was no way to prepare for what happened.

“You can have nightmares and worry, you erase all of this, because you are just a worried mother, but then it becomes the truth, you will die a little.”

On Tuesday, hundreds of people lined up on the streets of Wolseley, and Patton’s body was taken to the local funeral home. His mother said that it was really gratifying to see children, elderly people, friends and frontline workers all paying respect to her son on the street.

“We’ve heard the story of how he came to Wolseley to play with the children in the past. So this shows you again what kind of person he is,” Ashley said.

Watch | The community gathers to commemorate the fallen RCMP:

On Tuesday, people lined up on the streets of Wolseley in the Sask region to commemorate Comst. Shelby Patton was hit and killed by a stolen vehicle over the weekend. 2:03

Mother called for stronger punishment, discussion of drug problem

Melanie said that there should be more discussion about why and how this happened, and how to prevent it from happening again.

“I don’t have an answer. I believe in harsher punishments, so life is more important than a stolen vehicle. I don’t think they should escape what they get, they will get it,” Melanie said. “Justice. That’s what I want.”

Constant Shelby Button died after being hit by a truck on Saturday. (Royal Mounted Police of Saskatchewan)

Melanie said that we still need to pay attention to the drug problem, because drugs make people do terrible things. She said there was not enough response.

The two were charged with manslaughter, possession of a stolen vehicle, and failure to park in an accident. One of the defendants was also charged with possession of methamphetamine.

Melanie said that something needs to be changed.

“I’m tired of them stealing cars all the time. I’m tired of being involved in so many drugs all the time,” Melanie said. “They need to be done fundamentally. I don’t have an answer.”

A memorial was set up on the street where Shelby Patton was killed. (Heidi Art/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

One of the defendants will return to the Regina Provincial Court this Friday. The other will return to court on Monday.

Melanie said that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are very supportive of her family. Shelby’s funeral will be private.

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