Hawks player comments: Davyn Taylor Edition

In the offseason, we will look at some players who are new to the Philadelphia Eagles or have already joined the team, but we may not know them well yet. Today we take a look at the 2020 third-round linebacker David En Taylor.

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Taylor has not played much football because Religion keeps him away from the stadium Until his mother finally allowed him to play in college. Therefore, when the Hawks drafted him, he was an item, even though his athletic ability was very good.

In his career in Colorado, Taylor did not have an INT or FF, although his athletic qualities often appear in movies. Nevertheless, he is still the type of potential customers you accept in the 5th round or later, not the 3rd round.

Before Taylor’s rookie season began, because of his Athletic ability, I feel that he will immediately become a contributor to the special team, he does. In the team’s first 12 games, he played 46 games each, and then entered the injury reserve team for the rest of the season. He has 6 special team tackles this season and two penalties for illegal blocking of defenders.

In regular defense, Taylor has only played 32 steals this season, which is obviously not ideal for a three-round pick, whether planned or not, especially in a team with a bad linebacker. He has never appeared in a nickel game. There are always at least two other linebackers on the court, and 29 of his 32 steals are against the Ravens and Browns who run more.

In these 32 games, Taylor made an unusually high number of counterattacks. The following are some of his famous performances in the 2020 season.

Taylor is not ready to participate in regular defense in 2020. When he enters the game, he looks a lot like a player who has a long way to go before making a positive contribution.


In terms of guards, Taylor is definitely behind Eric Wilson, Alex Singleton and TJ Edwards. In addition to these three players, Taylor must also compete with rookie Jakobe Stevens, fellow draft linebacker Sean Bradley (who played more minutes than Taylor in 2020), and even some mixed players ( Such as Gernard Avery and Patrick Johnson) to contend. At best, unless he is injured, he is likely to be no better than the team’s fourth linebacker starting in 2021, or even less likely.

In other words, Taylor has two things to do:

  1. He plays a special team.
  2. The 53-man roster will be decided by Howie Rothman, who will almost certainly not lay off the players selected in the third round a year ago.

Taylor’s job security may still be in good shape, but he will have to take a big step forward in training camp to get more playing time in 2021.

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