Does the 76ers really have the second best chance to win an NBA championship?

The team that spoke in the second half of Monday’s eventful Game 4 didn’t look like a serious NBA Finals contender. Defensively sloppy, offensively sloppy, Joel Embiid shot 12 of 0 from the field in the last 24 minutes because the 76ers lost a three-pointer in an 18-point lead.

But the 76ers are not playing in a vacuum. As Kyrie Irving and James Harden’s injuries have made the Nets’ future in doubt, the pattern of the NBA’s elite eight teams has completely changed, and the Bucks’ poor performance in the series against the exhausted Nets made them It looks like the 76ers are lost as the era.

Moreover, in the West, the usual suspects no longer compete for the championship, because the Suns (after eliminating the Nuggets) are the only team that did not fall into a 2-2 tie. Can a strong 76ers team really deal with many such teams?

exceed At They seem to agree with this premise. Among the eight remaining teams in the playoffs, the analysis website believes that the 76ers are currently the second-ranked team. Even after Game 4, because Embiid’s injured knee clearly affected him, the venue gave Philadelphia a 70% chance of winning two wins in the next three games against Atlanta, a 37% chance. Enter the finals with a 17% chance of winning the game. These percentages are the second best of all teams, second only to Phoenix.

Another sports obsessed website bet Is, Which gives the 76ers a 60% chance to surpass the Eagles in the second round. Based on their numbers, Philadelphia has a 27% chance of winning the next two games and a 33% chance of winning the series in seven games. They also have a 33% chance of reaching the Finals, two percentage points behind the Bucks in the East.

Interestingly, sports betting does not seem to be as popular as the 76ers.Although they Maintain -5 point advantage Going to the 5th game in Philadelphia, their NBA finals odds Remaining sixth among eight teams, Through Pickswise. BetMGM and FanDuel scored +1400, while DraftKings scored +1000. If you really believe that the 76ers will make a big push, maybe now is the time to buy at a low price.

Odds maker 76 people are still behind Speaking of winning the Eastern Conference, the Nets and the Bucks.

The fifth game will start at around 8:30 on Wednesday night, and the results will have a big impact.

In the 5th game of the 198 NBA series, it was tied 2-2, and the winner of the 5th game won the series with an 82.8% chance. In addition, the 76ers’ chance of winning a championship may never have a better chance. With Irving and Harden temporarily absent and LeBron James withdrawing from the combination and maintaining home court advantage, the 76ers will or never do the “process” once and for all.

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