Kevin Cooney: The Phillies are about to face the biggest test of the season, and the opponent is not them

On Sunday afternoon, when more than 38,000 people poured into the streets around South Philadelphia, and the Phillies chartered planes — equipped with players in NBA gear — were filled with flights to the West Coast, there was a bit of prevailing winds when the home team set sail.

For the first time since their first series against the Braves and Mets, there is a feeling that maybe this team has finally found a little magic from three consecutive victories and continues to build in a division and still be there.

Phillies head coach Georgirardi said after defeating the highly paid and overrated New York Yankees 7-0 on Sunday: “The effect of getting the ball on the court is amazing, by the way, it’s not even that close.”

However, the biggest challenge remains to be resolved. Because of the planes, hotel rooms, and small clubs on the road, they didn’t even agree with this team at all.

This week is the Lions Lair against two of the current top three teams in the National League-the three Dodgers starting in Los Angeles on Monday, followed by three games at Oracle Park on Friday night. “Wait, how did they get more than 0.500 in 15 games?” The San Francisco Giants.

Consider this small chart of the Phillies’ home/away record for the past five seasons:

year Home WL Road WL
2021 21-12 11-19
*2020 19-13 9-19
2019 year 45-36 36-45
2018 49-32 31-50
2017 39-42 27-54
All 173-135 (.561) 114-187 (.378)

The moral of this story is that the Phillies are a playoff competition team at home and a draft team far from home. Although almost every team plays better in their own yard-sleeping in your own bed, understanding the quirks of the facilities, crowd support-but it varies greatly from one place to another and is not close to seeing The road to 0.500 is a reliable way to ensure adequate golf dates in October.

If you break down your personal data for this season, it will be easier to find out where you are off track. The Philadelphia offensive slash at home (0.245 average, 0.328 base percentage, 0.713 OPS) is within the same range as the away offensive slash (.237/.303/.691). In all cases, they are in the middle, ranging from 12th to 17th in the split comparison within Major League Baseball.

Pitch? Now this is a different story. The Phillies’ pitcher has a 3.48 ERA and 1.16 WHIP at home in 2021, both of which are ranked in the top 11 in the MLB rankings. In the competition, the ERA soared to 4.89 and the WHIP soared to 1.39-both categories ranked in the bottom ten in the 2021 sport.

In this way, this figure is about the same as Gabe Kapler in the first year of 2018. The Phillies’ home ERA that season was 3.71 and WHIP was 1.22. Both are worthy of respect. The road numbers are 4.62 ERA and 1.35 WHIP. Both are absolute shredders.

Ultimately, there is a question: can they find a way to maintain momentum? In the past three seasons, the number of winning away games in six or more games can be put aside.

Two of them were in May and early June 2019, when they were playing the best baseball of this era. Soon thereafter, when Andrew McCutchen was injured, the situation collapsed and Odubel Herrera’s domestic violence incident led to the suspension and became a reality.

To be honest, there are many similarities to that moment.They feel good and they have played-at least From June -A decent baseball. (However, don’t mistake it for a great baseball. Bullpen and defensive turnovers are still major issues.)

“Our team can be an all-round, very good team,” McCutchen said on Sunday. After another 2 to 3 game, Gilardy confirmed that he has more positions in the lineup. A wise move. “We can hit the ball, we can pitch, we can play. We can be that type of team. But we also understand that we can be a team that aligns with this-not just for a while. We are showing This, and it’s just heating up for us. We should expect this.”

In fact, you should expect this. When you see Herrera and Jean Segura start their game against Domingo German on Sunday, you may be attracted by this maddening potential. A savvy hitter will wear out the pitcher and be content with throwing the ball into the game instead of swinging for the fence, not wasting the opportunity-this is the kind of thing that is done on the road.

For this Phillies team, if they want to run, they must do so. If they want the good mood of Sunday afternoon to continue, then it must start now-in the most difficult journey remaining in the season.

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