Families and vendors enjoy the first weekend of the San Diego County Fair

DEL MAR—The San Diego County Fair started its first weekend after it was almost cancelled due to the pandemic this year.

“We actually cancelled it this year, and then after the vaccination, you know, we are a vaccination super station, and this work is going well,” said Jennifer Herman of Del Mar Expo. “When we looked at the data and saw the situation started to improve, our team got together and we thought, wow, maybe we can do something.”

Compared with previous years, the scale of the exhibition is about 1/3 of its scale, but it still includes 40 food suppliers, 3 shopping centers, and amusement facilities.

“We are very happy to be back,” said Rubi Cazarez, supplier of Enzo Milano. “We are very happy to talk to our customers, interact with them, and finally restart business.”

Some suppliers were surprised by the number of customers they saw this weekend.

“I don’t think anyone will show up after the COVID, all the rumors, but now yesterday and Saturday was a good day,” said Roxy supplier Shoja Naimi.

Some visitors said they actually liked the smaller crowds this weekend.

“I have participated in this exhibition for ten years, and it has never been as beautiful, quiet and peaceful as it is now. In the past few years, it has been very busy, but today we only took two minutes to go in,” Tash attending the exhibition Oslinger said.

Visitors kept their masks this weekend, but they do not need to start on June 16th, when the exhibition will start operating without being restricted by the coronavirus.

“I think this is great,” said Annalier Mitchell, who attended the show. “long time no see.”

The show said that 13,000 tickets are currently sold every day. In normal seasons, they usually sell 60,000 pieces a day.

Next week, the exhibition will add 12 amusement facilities for guests to enjoy.

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