Eagles player comments: John Hytor Edition

In the offseason, we will look at some players who are new to the Philadelphia Eagles or who have already joined the team, but we may not know them well yet. Today we take a look at the 2020 fifth-round rookie John Hightor.

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Haytor’s rookie season started very well in training camp. He often played impressive games, practiced again and again, and rarely conceded the ball.In fact, he was Leading “Stock Rising” vote winner in the “Stock Rising-Stock Falling” media poll After the first 10 exercises in the training camp. (Please don’t really click “Stocks Rise-Stocks Fall” to vote, because this is an embarrassment for the Eagles’ media team, haha.)

However, when the lights came on and the players put on their shiny pants during the regular season, Hightor’s inspiring performance in the training camp did not continue into the actual game. Indeed, he is one of the least effective players in the list of underperforming players in 2020.

In this season, Haitar was targeted 29 times. He has 10 catches, 167 yards, 0 TDs, 3 concedes, only 5 drops first and 5 passes blocked. When the Hawks quarterback aimed at Haitar in 2020, their QB score was 15.2. The following are these goals:

It was a tough six minutes, right? Hytor sometimes shows the ability to dodge defenses, which is obviously a very attractive skill for a wide receiver, but his rookie season has few other positive factors.

speed: In the game against the Steelers and the Ravens, as well as the game against the Giants, he has two vacancies, but only completed twice. Nevertheless, his speed is still there.

hand: As mentioned above, he caught everything in the training camp, but there were some very bad drops in the actual game. One is to easily catch the ball in a game against a football team. Maybe he heard footsteps? The other was against the back of the end zone against the Steelers at the end of the first half. In the last time he dropped the ball, he might not stay in bounds anyway, but he should still catch the ball. Of course, his loss in the 3rd and 20th games against the Ravens was his downturn this season.

Route operation: He ran some nice slashes, most obviously in the 4th and 4th positions against the 49ers. He also made a good comeback route for the Steelers. Sold the deep route and turned around, separated from Joe Harden, allowing Carson Wentz to throw easily.

But in the end, the opposing corner kick could easily collide him from his route and his timing with any form of contact. On deep balls, defenders can take him out of bounds, and he does not perform well in any form of contact. Even in the game against the Ravens, Marlon Humphrey should have been asked to pass the ball in the end zone, but it doesn’t take much to slow Haitar’s speed completely. Ideally, you want to see him get rid of these two small moves and play anyway.

Controversial catch: nonexistent. Frankly speaking, corner kicks are more aggressive than Hightower at the receiving point. An obvious example is WFT’s Jimmy Moreland’s INT Week 1. Obviously, this was a bad pitch for Wentz, but you would like to see more fights from Hightower to win this fight at the receiving point, or at least result in incompleteness. Trevon Diggs also tracked the ball better than him in several deep balls against Dallas.

Catch up: When he received the ball for the first time this season, he seemed to fall on his own instead of absorbing the blow. This is not encouraging. He has zero tackles this season and is easy to fall in any contact. He demonstrated his ability to catch the ball at Boise State University, but we didn’t see it in the 2020 Eagles.

Awareness of the situation: Against the Bengals, with less than a minute left in the first half, he received a quick pass that could easily go out of bounds to stop the clock, but cut in for a yard or two, and then the clock continued to run. In the game against the Steelers, under very similar circumstances, he did it again, and it is likely to lose team points. Young players can be forgiven for making mistakes, but they cannot be forgiven when they make mistakes repeatedly.


After that impressive training camp, the Hawks gave Haitar a considerable amount of playing time at the beginning of the 2020 season, and even set a shooting percentage specifically for him. However, in the last eight weeks of the season, he only played 53 fast breaks and was healthy even in three games.

Looking forward to 2021, the new Eagles will not be impressed by Hightower’s video when watching wide receivers. Sure enough, Hightower has not performed well in OTA’s first or second team offense. DeVonta Smith, Jalen Reagor and Greg Ward are the number 1 players, while Travis Fulgham, Quez Watkins and JJ Arcega-Whiteside are the number 2 players.

Heitor is a 24-year-old rookie (he turned 25 in May), so he is the older side of the second-year players. He is actually the third oldest receiver on the list, although it is clear that this is a very young team.

Entering training camp this offseason, Hytor may be the seventh-ranked receiver. Because he had a strong training camp as a rookie, it can be doubted whether another good training camp did not help him much because he gave a false report to employees and the front office last summer. The bet here is that he may be looking outside now, especially since he played zero special team games last season and must clearly surpass some of his previous receivers to get a place in the final 53.

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