ACCT Philadelphia says kittens rescued from abandoned West Philadelphia houses that need foster families

ACCT Philadelphia is looking for foster homes for a group of cats that were rescued by a contractor on Sunday while renovating an abandoned house in West Philadelphia.

ACCT Philadelphia said that after the new homeowner reported hearing the cat meowing, the contractor found nine adults and seven kittens living inside the wall. It took the contractor eight hours to rescue them and take them to the shelter.

ACCT Philadelphia said that some cats are in poor condition and even a kitten cannot be rescued. The survivors are still scared and may need to socialize. Currently, these cats are resting in their cages.

The shelter asked people to foster any cats in need, and pointed out that it adopted 40 cats on Sunday.

“Whether you can raise a bottle kitten overnight, provide a spare bathroom for a mother in need and her trash, or be like a shy adult cat who needs time and space to decompress, we all need you. “The organization wrote on Facebook.

For contractors working on abandoned houses, Sunday’s start is a bit different. The host heard meowing…

Publisher ACCT Philadelphia on Sunday, June 13, 2021

Interested parties can contact ACCT Philadelphia through its social media channels or via email Foster [email protected].

In addition, ACCT Philadelphia has more than 100 cats available for adoption. Before adoption, all cats were neutered, vaccinated, and implanted with microchips.For more information on how to adopt, please visit ACCT Philadelphia website.

To help it continue to provide care, ACCT Philadelphia also encourages people Make a donation Or buy items from it Amazon Wish List.

ACCT Philadelphia is located at 111 W. Hunting Park Ave. in the north of Philadelphia.The facility is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm

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