What are they talking about: Zach Ertz’s latest potential trading destination, and some free agent QB options

After the last two weeks of the Eagles OTA, the team’s offseason suddenly came to a halt. Due to the cancellation of the mandatory mini training camp that was originally scheduled for last week, the players now have to take a vacation to the training camp.

Now we wait.

But the player returning to South Philadelphia is not the only thing that Hawks fans think of this summer. They will also wait for some potential actions, which may include some new faces when they arrive at the camp. After some roster changes last week, including the release of undrafted quarterback Jamie Newman, leaving the team with only two QBs on the active roster, they obviously need to add one (or more) before the start of training camp. .

We will talk about this later, but there are other actions to be done. For example, the team may still want to add a cornerback to start on the perimeter opposite Darius Sley, while players like Steven Nelson can still be found in the free agency market. If possible, they can (and hopefully) part ways with Zach Ertz.

This is the beginning of our version of “what are they talking about” today. First look at the latest teams that have connections with veteran close ends, and then look at some free agency quarterback charts that can be introduced to fill the depth.

Let’s dive into…

Buffalo dip?

Anthony Marino | Buffalo Rumble

The team with Ertz is Bills. There are rumors that the deal may be reached before (or during) the NFL draft. Obviously this never became a reality-the Bills did have a few young close ends on their roster-but the rumors did not stop.

The latest news comes from Josina Anderson…

It’s been almost six weeks since the draft was over, but speculation about Ertz and the bill continues. A recent tweet by ESPN’s Josina Anderson sounds like Buffalo still has some problems.

Fans can read this tweet in many ways, because it sounds like there are a few loose connections between the Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles. The team may hope to increase his value by adding Buffalo to the combination to attract others to pull the trigger. The player and his agent may also try to force the team to take action. The bill may also bring legitimate benefits. [buffalorumblings.com]

Ertz’s other front runners

Morris Morton | Stand report

In the Bleacher Report, Maurice Moton examined three teams that are considered to be Ertz’s “realistic” landing sites. As he outlined in a recent article, they all have their own merits and reasons why the transactions there might make sense.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Oetz has aroused interest from at least three teams. Among potential suitors, the Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts are realistic footholds.

The Panthers have shown interest in bringing competition to Ian Thomas. They signed Dan Arnold and selected Tommy Treble in the third round of this year’s draft. Eltz is more accomplished than any close end on the Carolina roster. For quarterback Sam Darnold who is adapting to the new system, he can be a reliable safety blanket.

Although the Titans just acquired the wide player Julio Jones, general manager Jon Robinson told reporters that the team is “still monitoring” this pressing position. Remember, Tennessee lost in free agency to the New England Patriots’ tight end Jonnu Smith.

Colts quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Eltz were connected to Oates during their time with the Hawks. [bleacherreport.com]

Obviously, the Colts have always been one of Ertz’s most potential landing spots, because he is not only connected with the quarterback, but also with the head coach Frank Reich. What is interesting is the Titans. With the weapons they already have, combined with Eltz, who should usher in a rebound season after the worst of his career in 2020, will make the offense even more absurd than it is now.

Better than Tebow

Facebook Facebook logo Register on Facebook to connect with Jeffri Chadiha National Football League

On NFL.com, Jeffri Chadiha listed the major moves that NFL teams should take during the rest of the offseason. When he left, he thought the Ertz-to-Jacksonville trade was justified.

I mean, they are willing to give Tim Tebow a try, so…

Jacksonville Jaguars trade Zach Eltz

This is one of the situations that makes sense. The Philadelphia Eagles have been buying Ertz for months. The Jaguars did not have a legitimate catch threat in that position. They were so eager for help that they gave Tim Thibbo a look. Joining a bottom team at this stage of his career may not appeal to Ertz-he turns 31 in November-but he will be a major upgrade of talent. Between the 2018 and 19 seasons, he received a total of 204 receptions. Ertz’s worst career performance last year (36 catches for 335 yards and 1 touchdown) was also related to injuries, unstable quarterback play, and the overall dysfunction that plagued the Hawks. Let’s repeat it to emphasize: The Jaguars signed a 33-year-old former quarterback who has not participated in the regular season since 2012 and participated in close-end auditions, which happens to be a position he has never participated in. .

Someone will eventually take action for Ertz, and Buffalo Bills has also been rumored to be a wise destination. If the Jaguars want to seriously consider placing as many weapons as possible around rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, it would be wise for them to add Ertz to the mix. [nfl.com]

Leaving aside Tebow’s jokes, the last part is the real reason why having someone like Ertz is so important to the Jaguars. A reliable mid-range goal is a huge comfort to rookie QB-and Ertz is certainly the case for Lawrence.

more options

Lorenz Reinweber | Sports Illustrated

In addition to the Colts and Bills, Sports Illustrated’s Lorenz Leinweber also listed two other teams that might make sense for Oetz as a trading destination, especially if the price is right.

Los Angeles Chargers

The signing of Jared Cook and draft pick Trey McKitty should not prevent the Chargers from finding a replacement for Hunter Henry. With the performance of quarterback Justin Herbert and his performance as a rookie and several areas that need to be addressed this offseason, Oetz will become another weapon for the young quarterback. As long as Herbert is still in a cheap rookie deal, they must maximize the opportunity and use their $20 million salary space.

Arizona Cardinals

Another team with a promising quarterback in the rookie trade, the Cardinals currently use Maxx Williams as their top close end. Although their solution does not use traditional in-line tight ends as much as other solutions, Ertz has had a lot of success from slots in the past. [si.com]

RG3 string?

Liam Jenkins | Philadelphia Sports Network

I told you that we will eventually become quarterbacks. On the Philadelphia Sports Network, Liam Jenkins (Liam Jenkins) researched some meaningful names for the Hawks-the last one is by far the most interesting, especially considering who the current starter is.

Robert Griffin III

RGIII’s career will always be worth the record. From his rise as a star of the Baylor Bears to his explosion on the NFL arena in Washington and every bump and bruise that followed, Griffin is still a potential player worth considering.

After a 1-4 record with the Browns in 2016 and withdrawing from the league in 2017, Griffin joined the Baltimore Ravens, where he will be a substitute for the next three years. He replaced Lamar Jackson in the 12th week of last year against the Steelers. He looked very rusty, but he did have almost the same skills as Jalen Hertz, if not a bit tarnished.

If the Hawks want a quarterback who can attack like a scout and face similar challenges on defense, then RGIII may be a former all-pro veteran who can walk in and share a lot of knowledge with those around him . [phillysportsnetwork.com]

Backup options

Dave Zangaro | NBC Sports Philadelphia

Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philly also listed RGIII as one of the Hawks’ potential options. But there are two other people who can be used as three series of QB options, second only to Hurts and Joe Flacco.

Nick Mullens

Mullens was 26 years old and lost from southern Mississippi in 2017, which means he was once a teammate of the Hawks, Quez Watkins. Mullens signed with the 49ers after losing the draft and spent the last few seasons in San Francisco, allocating time to the training team and the roster of active players. Mullens played in 19 games and started 16 times. His record is 5-11, completing 64.5% of passes for 4,714 yards, 25 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. He started eight games with the Nine last year, with a 2-6 record. […]

Sean Mannion

The 29-year-old Mannion was the third round pick of Oregon State University in 2015. He spent the first four years of his career with the Rams, but the last few seasons were in Minnesota. In his career, Mannion played only 13 games, with 0 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. [nbcsports.com]

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