Philadelphia City Council voted to increase penalties for SUV riders

On Thursday, the Philadelphia City Council voted unanimously to close loopholes for illegal use of off-road vehicles and ATVs on city roads.

The bill amended the traffic laws to classify these bicycles as illegal street vehicles-just like all-terrain vehicles. This is both a safety measure and a way to soothe community members who think they are annoying.

This legislationSponsored by councillors Allan Domb, Mark Squilla and Derek Green, awaiting signature from Mayor Jim Kenney.

“The residents of every community come to us with their worries and experience about the dangerous situation caused by illegal driving of vehicles,” Domb Say“We also found that illegal activities are driving people out of the city when we need people to return to the city. We will continue to have people discuss this issue, including weighing members of the riding community in this bill, and find A solution that keeps everyone safe.”

The bill merges all three vehicle types, so the consequences are the same: the Philadelphia Police Department fines and confiscates $2,000, WHYY report.

By early May, Philadelphia police had confiscated more than 200 vehicles, including off-road vehicles, Billy Payne reports.

Although these vehicles have long been considered a noisy engine trouble, many riders believe that the city’s thriving rider culture keeps them out of trouble.

The lawmakers said they are also working to create a space in the city where people can safely ride on all-terrain vehicles, off-road vehicles and ATVs. Domb and Squillia recently visited a potential location in southwest Philadelphia.

To create such a site, the city must find a way to transport vehicles to the site, register the vehicle locally, and determine who will own the park.

“We know that there are many obstacles to overcome, but we do need to consider changes in residents’ recreational activities and find some common ground,” Domb said.

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