Six Flags Great Adventure’s New Jersey Devil roller coaster will open on June 13

Fasten your seat belts-the record-breaking Jersey Devil Roller Coaster will open to the public at Six Flags Great Adventure on Sunday, June 13, park officials said on Thursday.

Roller coaster is The tallest, fastest, longest in the world Monorail roller coaster. It is 13 stories high and travels at a speed of 58 mph on more than 3,000 feet of track.

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Season pass holders and Six Flags members will get a glimpse before the roller coaster officially opens from June 11 to 12.

Each train on the Jersey Devil Coaster can hold 12 people and has a devil’s head in front. The roller coaster is named after the fictional jersey demon who lives in Pinelands.

“For more than 200 years, the folklore of the Jersey Devil has been the source of Pine Barrens’ fear and conspiracy. We will immerse the rider in this iconic piece of New Jersey history on our terrifying new screaming machine,” Six Flags Said John Winkler, president of Big Adventure. “The Jersey Devil roller coaster is the perfect complement to our unparalleled series of award-winning, innovative and exciting roller coasters.”

Some folklore is related to the number 13—— Legend has it that the Jersey Devil is the 13th child Liz momIn addition to its debut on June 13, this ride is the 13th road roller The roller coaster is open in Big Adventure and is 13 stories high.

The initial goal of the amusement park in Jackson, New Jersey was to open the Jersey Devil in 2020, but COVID-19 caused delays and slowed construction.

Last month, Six Flags conducted a full trial run on the Jersey Devil Roller Coaster, using “Waterman” to simulate the weight of the human body on the roller coaster.

The vaccinated guests don’t have to wear masks in the park. Six Flags. Encourage unvaccinated guests to wear masks. All guests can use the hand sanitizer and hand washing stations located around the park.

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