A healthy way to get back outdoors

In the past year, have you felt a little restrained? Fortunately, the warm weather has arrived and it is time to go out and enjoy it! There is no shortage of healthy and fun outdoor activities. Here are five ways to get started:

1. Have an outdoor dinner

Eating well is the foundation of a healthy life, and the warm weather provides various exciting opportunities for outdoor dining.

Roasted lean meat and fish

Calories are lighter than fried alternatives and are the perfect excuse to light the grill and spray the patio.Combine these delicious protein sources with

Seasonal fresh vegetables

— On warm days, the fresh platter is always refreshing, any amount

Summer salad

2. Do some gardening

Speaking of all these fresh vegetables, the effort to nurture them is the time spent outdoors!gardening

Keep you active

Growing your own fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables may even help encourage you to eat healthier.Gardening is also good for your mental health: being outdoors

Improve mood and self-esteem

3. Hiking (or cycling)

If you really want to increase outdoor activities,

The park is full of trails of varying difficulty, which means that no matter your fitness level, there is a perfect adventure for you.You are not limited to staying standing; throw your stationary bike at home and make the most of

Bicycle path
. Even if you don’t own a bicycle, local bicycle sharing, such as Indigo, Convenient to go for a drive.

4. Improve your home

In the colder months, home improvement items can easily pile up.Warm weather is the perfect excuse to hang out

Do yard work

, Beautify your home, or learn a new DIY skill.Even if you don’t have a house, you can still participate in the local park’s “clean-up day” or

volunteer service

With a regional non-profit organization.

5. Try new things

Kayaking. Canoeing. Outdoor fitness class. Public basketball court or tennis court. There is no shortage of fresh outdoor activities, so go out and try it!

Before you go anywhere, make sure you are fully vaccinated.The local government is relaxing the restrictions that have been implemented for most of the past year and is making every effort

Vaccinated against COVID-19

It is the best way to safely enjoy various activities indoors or outdoors!

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