Macron’s man “subscribes to the extreme right YouTube channel” | Emmanuel Macron News

Damien Tarel, who was identified as 28 years old, slapped the French president as he walked, and this moment went viral on social media.

On Wednesday, media reports and sources close to the investigation said that the man who allegedly slapped French President Emmanuel Macron had subscribed to several far-right YouTube channels and was a fan of medieval swordsmanship.

According to police sources, the suspect is 28-year-old Damian Tarrell, who has no previous criminal record.

On Wednesday, he is still under investigation in the police custody and is expected to be charged with assaulting public figures, with a maximum sentence of three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros (nearly 55,000 US dollars).

Macron has been touring for less than a year after the pandemic and before the next presidential election to understand the pulse of the country. He greeted a small group of onlookers during a walk in southern France on Tuesday.

Amateur video clips of the attack quickly spread on social media.

You can see Tarel wearing a khaki T-shirt slap Macron in the face, then chanting “Down with Macron” and “Monjoy, Saint Denis”, this was the French army during the French monarchy. Battle cry.

A source close to the investigation described Tarrell as “a bit confused, a bit weird, a bit gamer”.

He manages a local martial arts enthusiasts club, focusing on the practice of European historical martial arts, including traditional swordsmanship.

‘Isolated incident’

Macron said he was not worried about his safety and continued to shake hands with the public after being hit.

After being slapped in the face, Macron called the incident an “isolated incident” and a “stupid incident.”

“You cannot have violence or hatred in your words or actions. Otherwise, it is democracy itself that is threatened,” he said.

Macron has previously been the target of discouraged citizens.

When he was Minister of Economy in 2016, he was smashed by the eggs of ultra-left unionists for labor reform, and two years later he was shaken by questioning by anti-government protesters.

A government spokesperson said on Wednesday that despite the security panic, the French president will continue to greet the crowd during the trip.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday: “Obviously, his travel will continue: the president will keep in touch with the French public.”

“Because an isolated person wants to challenge (him), it is completely incomprehensible that people are deprived of contact with the president,” Attar added.

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