Hot and humid weather, strong thunderstorm in the store on Wednesday

After a morning Foggy situation, Philadelphia will usher in another hot and humid day, and then a thunderstorm will sweep the area.

In the past few days, heavy rains have hit Philadelphia, causing flash floods and destruction in surrounding suburbs. Now, the National Weather Service warns of another wet and rainy day.

The National Weather Service also warned that rain later this afternoon may cause flooding and poor road conditions.

A kind Hot consultation Effective for Philadelphia, until 8 o’clock tonight, the temperature reaches the mid-1990s. The National Weather Service stated that this should be the last day of the “severe heat”.

Encourage people who go out in this weather to stay hydrated and take regular breaks.

On Tuesday, the area received 7 inches of rain. According to reports, there were several water rescue operations in Thorndale, Coatesville, West Caln Township and Sadsburyville. Reported by NBC10.

Here are the forecasts for the next few days:

on Wednesday: Showers and thunderstorms are expected after 4 pm, hail, gusts and heavy rain are expected.Things should get better after 10pm

Thursday: There may be more rain and thunderstorms after 8 o’clock in the morning, and there may be sporadic foggy days before 7 o’clock in the morning. The rest of the time should be cloudy, with a maximum temperature of 82 degrees, and thunderstorms may reappear late at night.

Friday: There may be more showers, but it is expected to be cloudy most of the time, with the highest temperature approaching 74 degrees.

on Saturday: There will be intermittent rains, the weather is clear, the highest temperature is close to 80 degrees, and then the temperature drops to about 60 degrees at night.

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