San Diego County may turn yellow this week

San Diego-Businesses around San Diego County are preparing to accept restrictions to remove the yellow layer, which may happen this week.

Most of the wine tasting activities at the San Pascual Winery in Seaport Village have recently taken place outdoors.

“It’s really not worth it to open 25% indoors,” said co-owner Mike McWilliams.

However, if all guests show proof of vaccination or test negative for COVID-19, dropping to the less restrictive yellow layer means that the owners Mike and Linda McWilliams can operate at a rate of 50% or even 75%.

They hope that welcoming more customers indoors will stimulate sales of goods and bottles, especially with the return of tourism.

However, until the state’s economy fully reopened on June 15, they remain cautiously optimistic about returning to indoor wine tasting.

“Just because you never know,” Mike McWilliams said.

But later this month, they plan to resume indoor wine tasting and open a new sparkling wine bar next door. Although recruitment is still an obstacle.

“We found that getting enough employees is one of the biggest problems we need to deal with right now,” he said.

At Invictus Fitness, boss CJ Martin said that it feels like the gym can finally be close to normal operations, because in the red stage, the indoor capacity of the gym is limited to 10%.

He said: “In the final analysis, we want to keep people healthy and improve their lifestyles, so we were shut down when I felt we could help. “It’s really tough for us. “

In the yellow level, the gym can run indoors at 50% capacity. This is 25% higher than the current orange layer.

But like many companies, Martin said the real game changer will be June 15.

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