The green list is updated in real time-as the coronavirus rages in Portugal’s at-risk country, holiday trips may be cancelled

Sturgeon: The Scottish government has “done everything we can with limited power”

Ms. Sturgeon said: “We have done our best to solve the problem of inequality and reduce the impact of the pandemic on people’s livelihoods, but when we enter the next stage of life, we cannot allow this impact to be affected. Erosion. Viruses. Restoring pre-pandemic austerity policies will be disastrous for work, public services, and people and families across Scotland.

“As the British government holds the key financial levers to help us recover from it, I will call on it to commit to maintaining public expenditures during the recovery period and extending vacation plans when needed to protect businesses and people who are required to stop working to protect others. I will Emphasizes sensitive management of it in a way that supports long-term recovery.

“I’m assured that this will be a meaningful discussion, and it must be so. The recovery from Covid cannot be a public relations activity — it must be a collaborative process that properly respects decentralized solutions.

“The Scottish government needs the certainty of funding. Without it, so many people across Scotland have had to endure in the past 14 months will not be able to guarantee that their jobs will be protected and that their public services will continue to receive appropriate levels of funding. Regardless of the extent of the virus-that is, the minimum we expect.

“In order for this summit to be productive in all aspects, all British countries must work together. As part of this, the British government needs to ensure meaningful engagement with decentralized governments on the negotiation and governance of trade agreements, and respect decentralization. Parliament, don’t misappropriate funds to British ministers.”

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