British weather forecast LIVE May wash out in a few weeks, the beautiful 20C heat wave will bake the British for 16 days

Forecast next week

The Metropolitan Office told the long-range forecast from May 22 (Saturday) to May 31 (Monday): “Unstable conditions continue, with showers in most areas again.

“These showers can sometimes be strong, and there may be thunderstorms locally.

“Fridays may even reach weekends, and sometimes there may be more long-term rains, especially in the west. By next week, more stable conditions may be gradually established.

“Although there may be further rain and showers, overall drier and brighter conditions should become more important.

“It stays cool during the time of the year, although night frosts will be limited, mainly in rural, northern areas. Next week, there are signs that the situation may start to warm up, and during this time the temperature is close to normal. Years.”

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