Royal experts say that Prince Harry “threw father, queen and Philip on the bus” by attacking parenting methods.

A royal expert said that Prince Harry left his father, the Queen and Prince Philip off the bus by criticizing his parents’ parenting methods.

36-year-old duke, Criticized Charles’ parents and said that he moved to California to “break the painful cycle of his wife Megan and their children.”

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According to experts, Harry has left his father and the Queen and Prince Philip on the bus.Credit: Getty-Pool
The Duke said he suffered because of Charles's growth


The Duke said he suffered because of Charles’s growthCredit: Getty

He also claimed that his 72-year-old father was “tortured” because of his growing up Queen and Philip, And then “treat me like him.”

In a dirty podcast chat, he described royal life as a hybrid between The Truman Show movie and being in the zoo.

He also revealed that he wanted to move away and break the cycle of “hereditary pain” he caused.

However, after throwing multiple members of the company under the bus, Prince Harry was criticized as “shameless.”

Royal expert Robert Jobson said on the Australian breakfast show “Sunrise”: “He believes that this is a big and big problem between himself and his mental health, but please continue-indeed continue to cheer. , Because this is getting more and more embarrassing.

“Criticizing his father for his parenting skills is also the Queen and Philip, who just passed his funeral. He just lost his grandfather. I think it is also a bit beautiful and shameless.”

He added that other members of the royal family would listen to the damn podcast. He said: “I know a fact that everyone around has heard it and saw the report on the Internet, and it will cover all the files.”

Mr. Jobson said that Charles had been “trying to keep an olive branch for Harry and Meghan and wanted to put them aside, but it seemed that Harry was not listening at all.”

Harry's words were criticized as


Harry’s words were criticized as “shameless”Credit: Getty

The expert subsequently added to Twitter: “Therefore, not only did Prince Hazy threw his father under the bus, but the Queen and the late grandfather also threw them into the arms of their parents.

“Please forgive me, but how long has he been a father?

“Maybe he should write a book on how to use his rich experience to be a parent correctly? Of course it is for “charity.”

Revealing the news on the “Armchair Expert” podcast yesterday, Harry said: “I expressed it in words, that is, “Don’t you want to break the cycle?” “?

“Without blame, I don’t think we should blame or blame anyone.

“But in terms of parenting, it is of course certain that if I suffer some form of pain or suffering due to the pain of my father or parents, I will make sure to break the cycle so that I don’t basically pass it on.

“In any case, there is a lot of genetic pain and suffering to pass. As parents, we should do our best to say: “You know, what happened to me, I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. “

Speaking of the parental differences between him and Charles, 72, Harry said: “It’s really difficult, but for me, it depends on consciousness.

“I never saw it, I never knew it, and then suddenly I started to piece them together and said,’Well, this is where he goes to school, this is what happened’.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, Harry revealed…

“I know his life well, and I also know that it is closely related to his parents, which means that he treats me the same way he treated him.

“It means,’How can I change this for my children?’ Well, I am here now, and I have moved my entire family to the United States.

“That’s not a plan, do you know what I mean? But sometimes you have to make a decision to put family first and mental health first.”

Harry claimed that he and his relatives “always felt different” before resigning from the royal family with 39-year-old Meghan last year.

He said: “It’s work, grin, be patient, keep going.” He explained: “Privilege does provide you with a wink. My straight body is never special, I always feel different.”

He continued: “I’m in my twenties, for example,’I don’t want this job. I don’t want to be here.

The royal biographer claimed that Prince Harry was “not an idiot” and punished the royal family for “making him deal with Meghan”

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