If Congress agrees to provide more relief to Americans, the fourth round of stimulus measures may come soon

When Americans enjoy the third round of IRS stimulus payments, there are signs that the fourth round of checks may be cut.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that another round of “direct payments” depends on Congress.

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If Congress proposes, the IRS may issue a fourth round of stimulus checksCredit: Getty

“We will look at the suggestions of members of Congress, but those [payments] It’s not free,” Psaki says.

Psaki pointed to other ways the Biden administration can help alleviate the aftermath of the pandemic.

She called the “historic extension” of the “children’s tax credit” an important extension for allocating families with children by charging thousands of dollars in write-offs for adult and younger children.

But more things may need to be done.

Support for a potential fourth-round stimulus plan is increasing


Support for a potential fourth-round stimulus plan is increasingCredit: Getty
Supporting restaurants as well as family child tax credits are all part of President Biden’s efforts to recover from the economic pressure caused by Covid-19


Supporting restaurants as well as family child tax credits are all part of President Biden’s efforts to recover from the economic pressure caused by Covid-19Credit: Getty

Psaki said: “Obviously, we are continuing to assess their needs in order to continue to control the pandemic and get people back to work.”

Legislators signed two letters-one in January and one in March-urging the federal financial leaders to continue to operate until the pandemic is over.

Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota wrote in a letter signed by dozens of congressmen and sent to President Biden: “The American people are counting on us to provide transformative change. We need to pass A monthly payment of $2,000 is provided to welcome the moment. In January, according to Yahoo!financial.

The publication stated that twenty Democratic senators signed a similar letter in March.

The third batch of stimulus checks is part of the US rescue plan of US President Joe Biden, in which US$385 billion of US$1.9 trillion has been allocated to help contain the coronavirus pandemic. Loss of funds.

This For eligible recipients, the latest round of payments is $1,400.

This is different from the prices of the first two software packages, which start at US$600 and jump to US$1,200.

As more and more funds ease the basic necessities and daily management expenses of Bank of America, Many Americans are still waiting for Uncle Sam to perform the first two stimulus tests.

One way to ensure the benefits of losing Covid money is to apply for a $600 or $1,200 stimulus check as a tax credit.

At the same time, Biden announced on Monday that thousands of cash-strapped restaurants that were forced to close during the country’s forced closure have also been further eased.

Biden said: “Today, we will issue the first relief check to the 16,000 worst-hit restaurants and provide more help.” TV station.

“More people will be hired.”

While striving to boost the large population of the United States, Biden is also struggling to make his $3 trillion in assets Relief package Pass the Democratic majority congress.

He proposed the “U.S. Jobs Plan”, which will modernize the U.S. infrastructure, bring more affordable housing, and build capacity for high-speed broadband in rural areas.

The American family plan includes consolidating child tax credits, allocating more federal funds to fund education and parenting, and ensuring paid families and sick leave.

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