Boris Johnson will hold an emergency press conference at 5pm Eastern Time

Boris Johnson will hold an emergency press conference on the 10th tonight, because of concerns that the spread of Indian variants will delay the end of the blockade.

After the new Covid strain occurs, it will appear in Downing Street at 5 pm in the afternoon to update national information Last week it more than doubled.

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Boris Johnson will hold a press conference tonight at 5 pmCredit: AFP

Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Patrick Valence will join him on the podium.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister admitted that he was “anxious” about this mutation and said that new measures may be needed in hotspots where the mutation occurred.

He refuses to rule out The possibility that the final phase of the roadmap on June 21 may have to be postponed.

But scientists say they are confident that current vaccines can effectively combat this variant.

It is expressed as:

  • People can speed up the second dose of vaccine to protect people from Covid infection completely
  • Experts warned Indian variant Possibly 60% more transmissible than Kent strain
  • New variant Cause “fatal danger” and may trigger the most severe Covid wave, Boris Johnson caveat
  • Ministers Exclude local lock Combating Covid Hot Spots

A lieutenant of Boris had earlier insisted that No. 10 would take any action “either regionally or nationwide” to contain the outbreak.

Minister of Vaccines Nadhim Zahawi said: “We do not exclude everything” In terms of reorganizing the deployment of thorns, and even resetting locks.

But he insisted that the lesson from last year is that large-scale testing and quarantine are the best way to control infection.

Examples of Indian variants are More than doubled in 7 days From 520 last week to 1,313 now, alarms have been raised in Whitehall.

Over 800,000 The test has been sent to the worst-hit area These include Bolton, Formby and parts of London.

Bolton has seen a surge in Indian models in recent weeks


Bolton has seen a surge in Indian models in recent weeksCredit: PA
People line up at the vaccination center of Bolton Essa College


People line up at the vaccination center of Bolton Essa CollegeCredit: PA
Outbreaks of Indian variants have broken out across the country


Outbreaks of Indian variants have broken out across the countryImage source: Zenpix
Bolton has established a mobile vaccination center-one of the most affected areas


Bolton has established a mobile vaccination center-one of the most affected areasCredit: Reuters

When asked if the local blockade can be re-imposed, Zahavi said: “We do not rule out any actions that we need to take regionally or nationwide.

“We will not rule out everything to ensure that we can resist this virus and restore our lives according to the roadmap.”

He added that one option is to “promote” the vaccine to provide more stabs to the worst-hit areas of the country.

Ministers are considering the possibility of vaccinating entire intergenerational families of varying ages in these areas.

Another possibility is Speed ??up the delivery of the second dose Provide a higher level of protection for more people.

The Prime Minister stated that the government “will not hesitate” to act as “we want to ensure all the prudent measures we can take now”.

However, amidst the mixed news throughout the day, a senior cabinet minister insisted last night that he was confident that the unlock on June 21 would proceed as planned.

Culture Minister Oliver Dowden said the possibility of reopening the venues completely is now “much higher” than when the road map was first drawn up.

He told members of Congress yesterday: “At present, our road map has been fully implemented as planned, and the vaccine is proceeding as planned.

“I single-mindedly decided to fully reopen from June 21. As time goes by, I am more and more confident that we can achieve this goal.

“Some mitigation measures must be taken in the highest-risk areas.

“Until we enter the stage of announcing the fourth stage, I will not be able to give full assurance.”

In the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Leicester City on Saturday, Wembley is expected to have 21,000 fans.

He added: “The unresolved issue at this stage is the extent to which high-risk locations will be certified for COVID.

“We are currently working hard to reach this threshold.”

Ministers and top scientists have To reassure the British, there is currently no “evidence” that the Indian variant bypasses the vaccine.

Mr. Zahavi said: “The effectiveness of the vaccine is still there, which is a big tick.

“It is more contagious, but we currently have no evidence that its impact on the human body or hospitalization is more serious.

“And there is no evidence that vaccines can’t fight it. This is good news.”

Nick Loman, a professor of microbial genomics at the University of Birmingham, said that he “feels good about this vaccine” when fighting the vaccine.

Aberdeen bacteriology professor Hugh Pennington added: “I don’t think we should be particularly worried.

“There is no conclusive evidence that this is ugly. If you find it, you have a greater chance of being hospitalized or in the intensive care unit.

“And there is no really strong evidence that they can also bypass vaccine immunity.

He said: “In some parts of the United States it seems to be progressing well, but in any case, this is the case with this virus. This is a virus that spreads easily.

“I don’t see any special reason why we should be more worried about these mutations. So far, we have seen these mutations, because the most important thing is that they all seem to be unable to escape the immunity we get from the vaccine.”

Nadhim Zahawi (Nadhim Zahawi) said the government will take “any action taken within the country or region” to deal with the Covid variant

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