What are Aiden Fucci’s Snapchat photos?

The 14-year-old AIDEN Fucci, who was accused of murder, was held in a juvenile detention center for 21 days.

That boy is Charged with second-degree murder Related to death Tristyn Bailey, 13.

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Aiden Fucci was detained in juvenile detention center for 21 daysImage source: Sharif Office in St. John’s County

What are Aiden Fucci’s Snapchat photos?

A photo of Aiden Fucci (Aiden Fucci) is reappearing on social media. Behind him is a police car with a peace sign and the caption: [sic] I have seen Tristyn recently. “

At a police press conference on Monday, May 10, sheriff Robert Hardwick said that officials knew about the photo.

“I would say that our real-time intelligence center did capture all these videos as much as possible. We will monitor them,” Hardwick said.

“Unfortunately, considering some of these things that may actually be detrimental to the case, it can actually help us with the lawsuit, and it doesn’t actually hurt the case because we are collecting this media.

Fucci asked about Tristyn's whereabouts on Snapchat


Fucci asked about Tristyn’s whereabouts on SnapchatImage source: Snapchat

The sun can confirm now As part of the investigation, the police investigated it.

Before appearing in court on Tuesday, May 11, Hardwick told WOKV that the pictures showed that he was “proud of what he did.”

He said: “I know he made these remarks on that car look too ridiculous, but now this proves that we are collecting and using him against him.

“So this makes our case a better case, which can be submitted to the State Attorney’s Office and submitted to the jury saying that this is his mentality.”

Fucci is a classmate of Tristyn’s school, but it is not clear how they met.

What happened to Tristyn Bailey?

Tristin Last appearance in St. John’s, Florida On the morning of Sunday, May 9, her family was reported missing at 10 am.

Her body was found by a neighbor in the woods near the home of Doberman Crossing.

Hardwick issued an announcement explaining that he believed Tristyn’s body had been found.

The cause of Tristyn Bailey's death has not yet been revealed


The cause of Tristyn Bailey’s death has not yet been revealedImage source: Instagram

He also confirmed that her body was completely dressed, but did not disclose the cause of her death.

Her sister earlier posted a message on social media asking for any information about the missing cheerleaders.

She wrote: “Please check if there is anything in your child’s account that can help us.

“Help us find our sweet hipster star!! I need my blond twins to come back.”

What sentence does Aiden Fucci face?

It is unclear whether the teenager will be tried as an adult-the sheriff said that the case cannot be determined at this time.

However, if Fucci is charged as an adult, he may face jail if he is convicted of second-degree murder.

Connie Stull, Tristyn’s cousin, Specifically told the sun She wants Aiden to plead guilty.

When flipping through his detention conditions, Fucci seemed to hold back tears, then rolled his eyes. When his parents were told They will have to pay $5 per day while he remains in the center.

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