After Chelsea’s axe, Frank Lampard “became the main competitor, became the new owner of Crystal Palace, and succeeded Roy Hodgson (Roy Hodgson) this summer.”

According to reports, former Chelsea boss Frank Lampard will succeed Roy Hodgson as manager in the best choice of “Crystal Palace”.

Hodgson’s contract expired this summer, and despite having won another Premier League season with the Eagles, no one agreed to extend this period.

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According to reports, if Roy Hodgson (Roy Hodgson) leaves, Frank Lampard (Frank Lampard) will be the first choice for Crystal PalaceCredit: Getty

telegraph The report stated that “the palace has been considering whether to make changes and who can succeed him.”

If it is true that the former England boss does not stay in place, Lampard will be ranked high in the list of candidates to replace Hodgson.

42 years old this year, The man fired by Chelsea in January He was replaced by Thomas Tuchel, “eager to resume his managerial career in the Premier League”.

There are rumors Lampard He may take over the role of England U21, but the “Telegraph” reported that he is not “interested”.

Sean Dyche and Eddie Howe are other names related to court work, but Lampard has risen to the top.

Moreover, for the Romford-born coach, his interest cannot be small. Celtic, Bournemouth and England both believe that he is very likely to assume the next management position.

Lampard also discusses returns without shyness, and has recently admitted to accepting several “flattering offers.”

He said: “In the past six weeks and two months, I have encountered some opportunities. Although these opportunities are flattered, they are not the right choice.

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Roy Hodgson has not yet reached an agreement to stay at the Palace

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Roy Hodgson has not yet reached an agreement to stay at the PalaceCredit: PA

“The opportunity is not very right, but I will consider it. This is what I am eager to do at the right time and in the right place.”

Lampard is Betfair’s favorite in Betfair’s 6/4 work.

Burnley Gaffer Dyche followed closely behind, with Barsnley boss Valerian Ismael’s 7/2 shot at 10/3, leading Tykes into the championship play-offs.

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Former Chelsea boss Frank Lampard’s next job could be Crystal Palace, Celtics or England

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