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League of Legends

Chelsea and Manchester City fans will be able to participate in the UEFA Champions League final.

However, supporters of both clubs are facing the growing possibility that the May 29th exhibition will have to travel to Portugal instead of Wembley.

There were fierce negotiations between the government and Ufa on the transfer of the game to Wembley, and this day failed to break the deadlock.

As SunSport revealed, Uefa wants to ensure that media, broadcasters, VIPs and sponsors are not restricted in the country-the government hopes that they can only stay in the hotel area for the rest of the time and cannot be ignored.

This is a serious sticking point for euro zone leaders who demanded the lifting of restrictions.

Although the government is willing to make major compromises to make the game go smoothly, there are concerns that just waving 2,000 potential Covid spreaders to the country is not feasible or acceptable.

This may cause UEFA and the government to grudgingly admit that Wembley is not a viable option, but to transfer the game to the Rusta Stadium in Lisbon like last season.

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